Led Zeppelin Wins Infringement Case

Get out the old acoustic everyone and play that chord progression you grew up with, because a Los Angeles jury has determined that Led Zeppelin did not lift the opening of “Stairway to Heaven” from the band “Spirit.”

The ruling comes after a case that reunited the surviving band members for their court appearances.


More on what went on in the courtroom Here

15 Comments on Led Zeppelin Wins Infringement Case

  1. Are you sure, ironyCurtain? I thought it said, “It’s fun to smoke Newport Smooth Select 100s”.

  2. That’s a stretch! So, who first wrote the three chord blues? Every rock band in existence should be sued for that dissgression! LOL!

  3. Anyway, I can’t think straight because TWO identical Toyota ads are loading automatically at slightly different times and there is no shut off. Worse, they keep scrolling me back to the top of the page against my will!
    Anyone else getting that?

  4. I’m happy for them. Esp Plant. (Page is a creep/weirdo, but this lawsuit was ridiculous.)

    I think it’s so damn sad that a large chunk of the younger rock community loved to hate on zeppelin nowadays simply because they’re white, badass musicians. I logged onto tumblr and saw so much dismay that I had to turn off my laptop before I threw it out the window.

  5. @UF I had the same feeling, I did throw up a little when TFG and the Mooch were spotlighted during the tribute performance.

    The performance, sonically, was perfect, The video would need to be edited with clown faces, or black screen during the jug eared pan-to segments.

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