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Left Beginning To Realize Riots Aren’t Helping Their Cause


While Democrats have been fanning the flames of leftist riots and ongoing unrest across the country, their radical support now appears to be backfiring and is helping President Donald Trump rather than hurting him.

The first signs of panic emerged from some opponents of Trump early Monday, following another weekend of violence and nationwide rioting.

Anti-Trump Dems are now starting to worry openly whether supporting “peaceful protests” in Portland, Oregon is actually hurting the Democrats.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has been leading the charge by insisting that the riots targeting federal law enforcement officers and a federal courthouse in Portland are actually “peaceful.” More

Dems can’t seem to decide whether it’s better for them politically to deny the riots even exist or to blame the president for causing them. Here

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  1. “Dems can’t seem to decide whether it’s better for them politically to deny the riots even exist or to blame the president for causing them.” ???
    That’s too easy. Do something to stop them for an even better result. You don’t even have to denounce them, though that would add more points.

  2. @Jethro – I would lean toward the Bolsheviks. The current crop appears to want to immediately force a takeover. If you had asked me about democrats before now, I would have gone with the Mensheviks because they have been playing the long game of infiltrating learning institutions and the court system.

  3. @Rick – are you Jerry Nadler in disguise? Has anyone seen Rick and Jerry at the same place at the same time? Just asking.

  4. “Dems can’t seem to decide whether it’s better for them politically to deny the riots even exist or to blame the president for causing them.”

    There is a third option: blame white supremacists for the violence.

    Sometimes all three in one paragraph!

  5. I love how drooling morons like Nadler and Biden deny the riots or state they are peaceful when anyone can see they are violent and dangerous. Proof they should not be allowed in any position of government.

  6. This is where their supporters lefty love of social media for “bragging on bad” are biting them on the ass.
    All the violence is viral and seen by many, many millions,
    Quite a few of those are thinking what would happen to their own town if the Left takes over and cans all the cops
    while supporting their brownshirt enforcer bullies.

  7. Two things:

    1) Someone PLEASE tell me the Commie Dems paid for a poll or study to figure this out.

    2) The great thing about having dementia-addled people on the other side is they don’t know about videos and pics on the internets (shhhhh). They happily think everyone watches cable tee vee for their info.

  8. They can say anything they want because it will never make the nightly news and the factcheckers will never check it.

    Why are news organizations dominated by homosexuals?

    I think it’s because their whole lives have been about denying the truth and making up narratives. It’s the only thing they’re good at and the only thing they know how to do and the news networks want somebody just like that.

  9. How are the Democrats going to put that toothpaste back in the tube? I know the media doesn’t care about looking stupid, and the left wing of Democrat party is that stupid, but most normal people know a burned out building when they see one.

    And how are they going to stop BLM and antifa from continuing their campaign of destruction? These people want to destroy America, and so far the Democrats have been willing to let them.I doubt a sternly worded memo is going to convince these people to cease and desist – even assuming they know how to read. As Seattle’s mayor learned the hard way, if you turn on or ignore these folks, they will come after you.

    Speaking of which, how are you going to convince the idiots who run major cities to reverse course? A lot of these people wormed their way into office because normal people weren’t paying attention, and they are either truly committed or should be institutionally committed or both. These “leaders” are content to ride this roller coaster all the way to hell.

    So duh, these riots aren’t helping the Democrats – anyone but a media talking head could have seen this coming. But I don’t think the Democrats can reverse course.

  10. I don’t know what lie the Left will come up with next but it’ll be a whopper completely out of left field.

  11. The real PTB players behind it, the ones playing the game, don’t care whether Trump or Biden is elected.

    Either of them will be used in their favor one way or another, and their progress toward the intended goal will be advanced either way.

    Like master Chess players, they plan their game many moves in advance and are prepared to meet any strategy the opponent may put forth and use it to their advantage to win the game. All those people and politicians, developments and events, you see taking place around you are just the movements of pieces on the board and are not the players themselves who remain hidden and safe.

  12. Next week will be the 51st anniversary of the Manson Family having a mostly peaceful visit to the Sharon Tate estate.

  13. Of course it’s helping PRESIDENT Trump on his way to a second term. Then he’s going to truly transform America…FOR THE BETTER!

    Big Tech? Tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…

  14. I think antifa believes its future is in more rioting and destruction. It’ll give up when a lot more of them are in prison or dead.

    When things explode after Nov 3rd, they will up the ante. Then maybe enough of them will bite the dust one way or another to make the rest of them wonder if its worth it or not.


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