Left Comes Out in Unison Saying Sarah Sanders Needs To Be Fired For Tweeting “Doctored” Acosta Footage


Reddit says it’s not doctored.

18 Comments on Left Comes Out in Unison Saying Sarah Sanders Needs To Be Fired For Tweeting “Doctored” Acosta Footage

  1. The douche manhandled an intern and wouldn’t give up his mic. He should be barred for the entirety of the Trump presidency.

  2. I don’t think that what Acosta did could or should be considered assault. However, refusing to hand over the microphone and rudely continuing to ask questions when repeatedly asked to yield the floor to other reporters were reasons aplenty to pull the guy’s credentials. Case closed. Next question?

  3. Do that to a cop and you will get arrested for assault. Some States, simply unwanted touching is assault. Being too close to someone, within arm’s reach can be “simple assault”. It’s called “Offensive and Provocative”.
    Any time a cop gets in your face, just tell him, “Please step back, your action is offensive and provocative”. Watch what he does. They know.

  4. I can’t find it now but I read that it looks sped up and of lower quality because of the video to gif frame rate conversion.

    Ya know, just for a week I’d like to see the media treat Trump the way they treated Obama. Give the man a break and let him do his job. How Trump manages to carry on and not toss the keys to the White House on the Resolute Desk and say, “eff it” I have no idea.

  5. Acosta not only touched the intern, he yanks the mic away. Just watch the intern’s body response to the tug and Acosta’s arm block. At the minimum this is the Left’s definition of assault.

  6. if he had done that to Amanda Crowe, she would’ve carved his arms off and said just cut away everything that don’t look like Jim Acosta.

    that’s the way my people roll. we will cut you!

    Celebrating Amanda Crowe

  7. …Remember when reporters were told, “REPORT the news, don’t BE the news”…

    …something ELSE the Democrats have ruined…

  8. Acosta physically shoved intern’s arm down and away when she tried to do her job. interesting that his reaction was aggressive shoving rather than defensively pulling mic up and away.

  9. Funny how all the news NPC’s get on the same story/page at the same time….

    It’s almost like there’s some coordination taking place.

  10. Was it Stalin who said “if you tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth”? The press in this country deserves no respect.

  11. ED, that’s easy to do when all of them are owned by like 3 or 4 corporations that are owned by progressives who have all democrat leaders on speed dial.


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