Left For Dead- Ivermectin Saves Man’s Life After Doctor/Daughter Gets Court Order To Prescribe

The fact that a court order is necessary to “allow” someone to ingest a safe medication when they are dying is ludicrous.

It would be easier to get a cyanide.


On Thanksgiving weekend, Sun Ng, a 71-year-old man who spent 22 days on a ventilator with COVID-19, was discharged following a court-mandated successful treatment cycle of ivermectin.

An elderly, critically-ill COVID patient who was repeatedly denied ivermectin has made a full recovery after a court ordered the hospital to treat him with the potentially life-saving drug.

On Thanksgiving weekend, Sun Ng, a 71-year-old man who spent 22 days on a ventilator with COVID-19, was discharged from Edward Hospital in Naperville, Illinois, following a successful treatment cycle of ivermectin. Despite the drug’s efficacy, the hospital had only agreed to the use of the drug after Ng’s daughter, Dr. Man Kwan Ng, obtained a court order mandating their compliance.

According to a press release distributed on behalf of Mauck & Baker law firm in Chicago, the court-ordered ivermectin treatment was given to Ng for five days, November 8 through November 12, and he was discharged on November 27, having fully recovered.


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  1. I mentioned this before, but my sister had a similar ‘miraculous’ recovery from Covid this past summer by taking Ivermectin – the horse version. I’m a believer!

  2. A hospital in Wash state killed my brother. Not hyperbole, not exaggeration.
    He was ill with covid so they intubated him and gave him the Remdesivir.
    Shock AND Awe, his kidneys starting failing. Which they blamed on the Covid.
    But don’t ya’ know a big side effect of Remdesivir is organ failure.
    They needed moms’ permission to start dialysis and if he pulled through would need it for the rest of his life.
    We asked about zinc, hcq, & the big I. NO!!!!!! FORBOTTEN!!!!!
    So they killed him with their blatant and intentional incompetence.

  3. @ Menotu,
    I am sorry for your loss. I will never enter another hospital.
    God save us.

  4. @Menotu, sue for malpractice. Find an ambulance chasing attorney who will take the case on a contingency basis (share of the winnings). A sympathetic judge will punish the perpetrators. Won’t bring your brother back, but it sends a message, and provides some comfort for the surviving family.

  5. “The money’s in the treatment, not the cure.”
    This is the result of gov’t interference in medical malpractice … uhh … practice.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Menotu, I feel your pain. The exact same thing happened to one of my brothers in Florida. His wife pleaded with the hospital to try the ivermectin treatment, the hospital rep said they can’t have families saying what treatment their family gets. My youngest brother, who is a nurse practioner, went to change their minds, and was pretty much ignored.

  7. Where is Groucho on this?
    It’s just a shame people are blind
    to people’s real life saving experiences.
    Sheep jumping over a cliff because all the rest of the sheep are doing it.

  8. I know of two men, one in Oklahoma and one in Arkansas who the hospitals killed. They were both in our racing community. Both supposedly had covid, both had been jabbed and within 48 hours had covid. Before oxygen, before any other treatment hospital vented both of them, one I know for sure they gave Remdesivir, he only had one kidney as he had kidney cancer and one had been removed. His remaining kidney shut down within 48 hours. The other guy died 10 days after entering hospital.

    These are just two of the latest. I could spend all day telling the stories of those who the jab or hospital killed or a combination of the two.

    Within 6 weeks of this shit it was already known a ventilator was the wrong treatment yet to this day that is the first thing they do. That is murder whether they knowingly know or are too stupid to know. Yet the government has given them a pass that they can’t be sued as long as the follow the government’s murder protocol and as a plus they get additional money for doing so, as much as an additional 100 grand per patient over the regular payment.

  9. Sorry for your losses, guys.

    Remdesivir is a Chinese drug. It was canceled in 2nd or 3rd stage trials because it was ineffective/killing patients. Why we are using it HERE is your guess.

  10. Sadly, that name isn’t the only one who allowed fear to cause emotional breakdowns and fear is the cause.
    Fear is why so many put on the masks, not talking leftist idiots who are already mental, but normal people. It’s why so many normal people got jabbed, whether it was tv, government or doctor they listened to, they listened to them because they feared dying or becoming severely ill if they didn’t.

    Fear apparently sells even better than sex.


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