LEFT MOCKS Father of Victim in Florida Shooting for Trump Shirt



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20 Comments on LEFT MOCKS Father of Victim in Florida Shooting for Trump Shirt

  1. Heart Breaking for the family, friends and community.

    Prayers for the Pollack family and all the families of the victims.

  2. And they demonstrated again not only how hateful they are but how clueless and misinformed they are. Hey retards, Trump hasn’t rolled back or removed any background checks (nor can he). So for the terrorist attack we should check to see if the victims are libs and tell them they deserved it because they support open boarders and amnesty?! Morons.

  3. To the Leftist trolls I say this:

    I would assume, based on his shirt, that his daughter most likely loved her country and possibly loved God. I would say that there is a better chance that she is in His Presence right now based on his shirt than if he was wearing one that said “I’m with her” while donning a pink pussy hat.
    The Left has a hard time looking at tragedies and fathoming God’s grace and mercy (that’s why they won’t get in the Ark when offered a seat).

  4. There has to be something very wrong about ideology and a belief system that would require/force you to respond in such a heinous and spiteful manner to a father/family grieving the loss of a loved one.

    It is beyond contemptible behavior and borders on downright evil and mean spirited that would suggest that person has no social, moral, ethical, or spiritual redeeming qualities at all.

    It has indeed become the stuff of Biblical prophecy regarding persecution and hatred toward God, His Only Begotten and Risen Son Jesus Christ, and those who follow Him.

    We can only pray that God’s Mercy and Christ’s Compassion is swiftly given to these families.

  5. I’m sure Paul Ryan and Bill Kristol will call the Trump shirt “inappropriate” and “unfortunate” when asked to comment.

  6. There’s a special place in hell for these scumbags. I’ll call them Joyless Bayars. Miserable, unhappy, hateful; incapable of a smidgen of compassion. They are the type of sub-human who should be beaten daily with a whip.

  7. When this kind of behaviour is expected, time to cut a switch.
    I’m partial to a plum switch, peach cuts a nice groove too.
    Tie them up with green briars and wale away boys.

  8. Imagine having that hate constantly boiling inside yourself.

    Imagine how it would ruin your every day and sicken your body.

  9. Keyboard heroes hiding on the internet. Cowards and worthless fools, every one. Say that shit to some respectable citizen’s face, and I’ll guarantee you you’ll be unconscious in less than five seconds.

    I hate these fucking libtards. I fucking hate them.

  10. Again, I wonder where the hackers from Anonymous are. A few of them seem to be skilled enough to uncover who these bastards are and send the tweets they wrote to their employers and their employers customers.

  11. This hatred from the left is evidence they would advocate the killing of everyone who supports political leaders they do not. A reminder to support enforcement of the 2nd amendment to keep government from infringing on our right to be armed to resist the tyranny the left would impose if their choice of leadership gained the majority.


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