Left: “Republicans Hate People with Pre-Existing Conditions!”

The Left is playing word games, as always.

9 Comments on Left: “Republicans Hate People with Pre-Existing Conditions!”

  1. Let’s apply this to car insurance too. Then I won’t buy insurance until after I have an accident.

  2. Yeah, I hate people with pre-existing conditions. I HAVE a couple of pre-existing conditions. Morons.

  3. If they had their way, Republicans would be exempt from treatment for their pre-existing conditions.

  4. My son was told that his hip surgery was due to a preexisting condition after he was hit from behind while stopped at a stop light. The knucklehead who hit him was going 45 when he hit my son destroying his Chevy Silverado P/U and hurting my son and his damned insurance co. has the gall to call it a preexisting condition. The insurance co. which shall remain nameless is going to be sued for a large settlement because of their greed in not settling his case already after nearly 2 years. Fortunately his medical bills have been paid including hip surgery to fix his hip, back and his sciatic nerves.


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