Left-Wing Fake News Propagandists, Like CNN, Have Such an Easy Job Fooling Their Mouth-Breathing Target Audience

The president, responding to a remark made about MS-13 by Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims, called the ruthless gang members “animals.”

The left, which calls James O’Keefe a liar for deceptively editing videos, edited the video and took out the MS-13 context. In a coordinated effort, the likes of Andrea Mitchell, Chuck Schumer, CNN, Wapo, The NY Daily News, and the rest of the usual suspects, tweeted that the president called immigrants animals.

It’s all over social media – PRESIDENT CALLS IMMIGRANTS ANIMALS!!!!

Here’s the sad part. When shown the comment in context, the left-wing constituency still say the president is talking about immigrants in general.

So what do you do with people like this???


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  1. So what do you do with people like this???

    I’d say a few sessions of Louisville Slugger therapy would provide the needed relief (at least for the therapist).

  2. Well, look here. It may not matter to the bootlicking progs in the safe zones, but the Dems in CA, TX, AZ and everywhere they’re affected by ms13 scum will certainly take notice that the LSM and the politcal Dems are trying to shield them. Voters on both sides of the aisles are getting insulted by the LSM.

  3. The Leftist personality type does not think as we do.
    They don’t want factual, actionable input to arrive at informed, accurate life decisions.
    This would only make them anxious, and tired.

    The Left craves reassurance, and comforting confirmation.
    They need to be reassured their long held preexisting beliefs—acquired long ago, second hand, from popular professors and TV and movies— are still good and right and true.
    Conditioned to embrace a passive atheism and having rejected most traditions of JudaeoChristian civilization, they need to be reassured they are still Good People.

    Hollywood and TV and MSM know this, much more cynically and clearly than their target audience. And so their business model delivers whatever their childlike audience wants to hear— good and hard.

  4. My wife about 11 years ago asked me to stop “trying to change her parents”. Huh?
    Driving the two hours back from their house she said you are never going to change them.
    I replied, I’m not trying to change them but what they are saying/spewing is simply not true. I’m just using facts.
    She says: They aren’t interested in facts. They are ideologues. They believe what THEY WANT to believe. You are never going to change that so stop trying. They believe what they have always believed and nothing you tell them is going to change that.
    Ok. Now I just laugh at them. I and all smiles and HAPPY. Drives them nuts

  5. In their hate of Trump, the democrats are now defending MS-13. Here’s what MS-13 does:

    • Child prostitution
    • Machete attacks
    • Recruiting of middle schoolers
    • Gang rape
    • Kidnapping
    • Home invasions
    • Brutal beatings
    • Murder where body parts are torn apart

    Democrats come in three flavors: Demonic, Stupid, or Insane.

  6. “Democrats come in three flavors: Demonic, Stupid, or Insane.”

    More like Neapolitan- all in one…

  7. The Collusion Nonsense Network continues to lose its viewers as nothing comes of all their predictions and fake news. This has been one of the most enjoyable outcomes of the biggest repudiation of the MSDM in history. I can’t wait to watch the way CNN attempts to spin the IOG’s Report on Clinton’s FBI email investigation coverup.

  8. It appears that the Dems want to keep stepping on the Russia rake, but only with one foot now, as they wish to put the other foot in the Illegal Alien bucket. Forward! whap clank, whap clank, whap clank…

  9. This is absolutely infuriating. Nobody ever has to try to prove the MSM are liars anymore. This incident nails it beyond any shadow of doubt.

    I don’t know how these media people could sink so low. This is really much worse than I ever thought possible.

    Let us all remember this disgusting chapter in the history of the left-wing media when we talk to liberals.

  10. So, what do you do with people like this?

    Don’t shut them up. If we believe they are morons, let them open their mouths and remove all doubt. If they have an opinion, force them to defend it, calling them out on every logical fallacy and double standard they present. It’s not about changing the mind of the idiot whom you are debating: that is a lost cause. It’s about changing the minds of those watching the debate. Debating is a spectator sport.

  11. So what do you do with people like this???

    I just bought an assault shotgun. I could use some target practice. 😉

    Also, calling MS-13 animals is an insult to animals. They are inhuman death machines.

  12. It has been 68 years since Walter Cronkite started his “UGLY AMERICANS” broadcasts – I mean “news” broadcasts. But his America hate lives on in the press!
    “The more things change; the more they stay the same.” Media hated America in 1950; MSM hates Americans in 2018. See the change?

  13. @an ol exJarhead May 17, 2018 at 7:46 pm

    The media’s version of the McCarthy hearings is all wrong, and they still push it, 70 years later. Deliberately lying to the American people, and the world, for that matter. Ann Coulter analyzed the whole deal in one of her books, Treason, I think. See also Blacklisted by History by M. Stanton Evans. Ann Coulter called Evans book “The greatest book since the Bible.”

    The leftist media are holding a dagger aimed at our hearts.


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