Left-wing group to Democrats: Don’t even meet with Trump, or else


Herman Cain- I understand that the Democrats are the opposition party. I think President Trump’s agenda for the nation is excellent, and supporting it is the right thing to do. But I know they are liberals and they have different ideas. Often they are going to disagree just because they think differently. That’s the nature of opposition parties.

But it’s also the nature of opposition parties that you listen, that you find common ground where it’s possible, and you work together when you can. We disagree on a lot, but surely we agree on some things. There is such a thing as bipartisan action, and it takes place when parties can find common ground.

It doesn’t sound like we’re going to see much of that during the Trump Administration, because congressional Democrats are apparently under orders from the left-wing group We Will Replace You (WWRY) to engage in all-out, total obstruction of everything Trump wants to do – even to the point that they will be punished if they meet with the administration or try to seek common ground.

It’s all-out war. Nothing less. WWRY now believes the only way for Democrats to go is to obstruct everything, all the time, regardless of what it is – as long as Trump supports it.

Now, if they want to go this route, the Republican majority can still pass Trump’s agenda. Majorities can do that. MORE

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  1. Good! Meeting with these clowns is a waste of time. Bypass them and let them sit in their drippings and stew.

  2. Donald will slay the Philistines with the jawbone of Nancy Pelosi.

    “And the Lord did grin. And the people did feast upon the lambs, and sloths, and carp, and anchovies, and orangutans, and breakfast cereals, and fruit bats, and large chu… “

  3. “We Will Replace You”. Oooh, scary.

    Is this the brainchild of Hilton Perez and Khalif Ellison?

    Run, DNC. I can hardly wait for 2-0-1-8.

  4. As graphically shown in the President’s speech on Tuesday, democRats will gladly sit on the their hands as a demonstration of “Go To Hell and F You” when it comes to doing something good for America and Americans! Clearly they are defining President Trump, his people and his efforts to Make America Great Again as the enemy and in doing so have revealed and defined themselves, and their Communist Comrades, as the real enemy of the American people!

  5. The WWRY is starting down a very dangerous path. I’m sure they believe no one has ever been as adamantly obstructionist as they plan to be. They may be right at this moment but if they succeed in their revolution (and that’s what it is: replace the executive and replace the mechanism by which power is transferred every four or eight years) they will see obstruction just as adamant, but this time backed up by serious people with firepower, training, resolve, and nothing to lose.

  6. By the grace of God, our country was saved in November. We cannot afford to rest. Most of the powerful, most of the wealthy, and most of the influential elements of our society are all hard core democommunists. First quarter isn’t over yet and we’re only up by a Field Goal.

  7. we on the right need to tell lindsey and mccain and the other cuckold rinos the same thing. support the trump agenda or, “we will replace you”.

  8. Pardon my french, but fuck the left. I can be as partisan as them. I sure as hell dont want to see the right “reach across the isle”. Not now, not ever.

  9. I agree with the libs wholeheartedly. Go for it, do it. Double down on what has cost you the White House, and a boatload of state legislatures. Damn the stupidity. Full speed ahead.

  10. Call me when it’s time to storm DC and run these folks into the Potomac. I’m really sick of their crap.
    And please lets do it while the river is very cold.

  11. I could sleep so much better If only I were a progressive liberal democrat.

    If only I were a PLD I could take both sides of every issue and never be wrong

    If only I were a PLD I could fight to save those death row and support sucking a babies brains out in the birth canal.

    If only I were a PLD I could pass a bill from my party without reading it but require reading a bill the other party presented.

    If only I were a PLD . . . . Keep it going folks

  12. @Uncle Al March 6, 2017 at 7:34 pm

    > backed up by serious people with firepower, training, resolve, and nothing to lose.

    How is it that those clearly un-American values couldn’t get refugee visas during Obama’s eight years?

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