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Left wing poll shows Kari Lake ahead

Pacific Pundit: Left wing polling outfit “Data for Progress” is the second poll to show Kari Lake pulling away from nut job Katie Hobbs for Arizona governor. The Trafalgar poll had Lake over 50% and leading by 5%. This left wing nut job poll Data for Progress has Lake leading Hobbs 51%-47%, almost matching Trafalgar, but with the Democrat oversampling. The poll is also bad news from three communist Democrat Senators, Mark Kelly, Cortez Masto and Warlock in Georgia. more

3 Comments on Left wing poll shows Kari Lake ahead

  1. You just wait.
    We are going to have to fight leftist “October surprises” like crazy.
    They are likely going to try and indict President Trump and anyone associated with him.
    Lies, bullshit, deep-fakes will run rampant.
    We are a month away from democrat Armageddon.

    These assholes see the writing on the wall.
    These feral animals are backed into a corner.
    They also know that cheating will be more difficult, yet not impossible, this time around.

    Mark my words!

  2. Katie Hobbs – and likely other democrat candidates in other races – is finding out that you can’t run a Biden 2020 campaign from the basemen anymore. You’re going to have to face the music- even without legacy media coverage. Thank you Andrew Breitbart.

  3. You wouldn’t know Kari is ahead by looking at the Phoenix media. They are claiming that women are walking away from the Republican Party over abortion (no evidence). And Mark Kelly (asshole) is desperately trying to separate himself from his democrat party and trying to look conservative in his radio commercials (at least out of the Phoenix metro area).


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