Left wing ‘The Root’ website Attacks White National Review Writer… Who’s Actually Black

Because fact checking is too hard for the Left.

WFB: A left-wing website attacked a “white” National Review Online writer for his perspective on black history, failing to realize the writer in question is black.

Peter Kirsanow, a member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights and a former member of the National Labor Relations Board, argued in a piece published Thursday that the New York Times‘s 1619 Project has an “obsession” with slavery at the expense of the rest of American history. Michael Harriot, a senior reporter for the liberal African-American publication The Root, responded in a piece titled, “Black History, According to White People.” Harriot referred to Kirsanow as white throughout the post. read more

5 Comments on Left wing ‘The Root’ website Attacks White National Review Writer… Who’s Actually Black

  1. That’s like when a black lady told David Webb that he had white privilege. He paused a bit, then told the lady that she should have done some homework because he is black.

    She had to peddle pretty fast to backtrack that comment!!

  2. Which just goes to show that when grievance mongers don’t know the facts of history, they run out of road very quickly and then their only defense is “racist!”

    I see they write their own bios over at The Root:

    “Michael Harriot, a name you’re probably familiar with if you follow pro-black news on websites like The Root, is one of the most respected names in black media. Lauded as a voice for oppressed African Americans, Harriot has branded himself as a civil rights activist and educated social justice warrior.”

    I especially like the distinction “educated social justice warrior.” Nice touch, Mr. Harriot.

  3. Left-wing Roots “journalist” hack Michael Harridan Harriott PRE-JUDGED Pete Kirsanow’s ethnicity. Hmmmm…..

    So that means blacktivist Michael Harriott is PREJUDICED, right?


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