Leftards Claim FOX Spread “the lie” that Muslims Burned Notre Dame

Uh huh.

Clip one – Shep Smith cuts off French official that wanted to talk about the epidemic of church desecrations this past year. He didn’t even mention a group responsible for the crimes-

Clip 2-

Neil Cavuto hangs up on Catholic League president for talking about being suspicious of the Notre Dame fire because of past desecrations –

clip 3 –

Tucker Carlson says “we are not going to speculate how this fire started.”

clip 4:

msnbc saying FOX blamed Muslims-


I’m not a defender of Fox. I’m a proponent of not self-censoring when the left will accuse you of “going there” anyway.



26 Comments on Leftards Claim FOX Spread “the lie” that Muslims Burned Notre Dame

  1. Whatever, the Left media only exists to talk shit about FOX (who is prog-lite) and President Trump. (yeaaaaaah look at it. PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!)

    I really hope this is muslims. French bureaucracy is filled with idiots, and they’d do nothing about it anyway.

  2. Islam enforces Jizya, a tax on non Muslims. France should do the same: Tax the livin’ shit out of Musloids to pay for reconstruction of Notre Dame. Tax them each ten thousand dollars a year until completion. If half the Musloids leave, double the tax on Musloids who stay.

  3. “I really hope this is muslims.”

    MJA. I’m absolutely SHOCKED and MORE OFFENDED than a dude dressed up as a woman being addressed as “Sir” that you would say such a thing.

    I’m outta here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOL! 😉

  4. Regular people unlike the irregular freaks who require safe spaces, trigger warnings, and propaganda that watch cbs/abc/msnbc/nbc/cnn.

  5. It would not surprise me if the weak-kneed French hired a Muslim construction crew from Afganistan or Pakistan to ‘rebuild’ the Catherderal!

  6. Tucker should have introduced his news clip of the fire by saying: Here is footage of some people who did something.

    The MSM/left would have been fine with that, right?

  7. Would it be a shocker if it was the mooselimbs who destroyed a symbol of human achievement??

    I mean, that’s NEVER happened before, right? Right?!

  8. I am not a Catholic, but the destruction of this Catholic icon, if it wasn’t n accident, is appalling. If this turns out to be an act of terrorism, God help those who perpetrated this horrific act. I only saw the exterior of Notre Dame in 1973. I thought it was magnificent.

  9. Note to Neil and Shep. No matter how far you bend over you will still be labeled as races, Islamophob by the left.

  10. Accept the fact of who the swamp left is, where it lives, what it runs, and who it has in its pocket (the GOPe).

    Forget the old rules – the swamp doesn’t play by them.

    Look how much progress we’ve made (Trump, Graham) since mccain assumed room temperature.

  11. Reasons for fires in buildings under renovation (yes, I researched this — data comes from the U.S.) (See if you can identify which mysterious cause is most likely, given that it’s April and the building was supposedly empty of workers):

    Just over 16% are caused by cooking equipment.

    Just over 27% are caused by heating equipment.

    18% are caused by accidents with torches, burners or soldering irons.

    7-8% are caused by smoking materials, cigs, etc.

    5% are caused by exposure to fires in nearby buildings.

    Less than one-half of 1% are caused by drying oily rags left under certain kinds of optimal conditions for spontaneous combustion.

    25% are intentional.

  12. My suspicion is that even if the Macron government had recordings of musloids planning to burn Notre Dame and video of them carrying out the plan, that information NEVER would be allowed to come to light – and nothing would be done.

  13. The French have all the evidence they need to fight for their nation and their national identity.

    We’ll see how they do. And then we’ll see how WE do when that time comes.

  14. The French rolled over for Germany in the ’40’s. They will certainly roll over for mohammedian cavemen today. They didn’t invent the white flag for nothing.

    Face it, French males are a bunch of worthless cucks, each and every one.

    I fart in their general direction.

  15. How fortunate to capture a clip of a robed figure on Notre-Dame BEFORE anything happened. A rigged photo shoot with a lousy camera?
    Too convenient, but easy to construct a false-flag story with. When in doubt, check it out.

    Wednesday, April 17, 2019
    Jew Allegedly Seen Sneaking into Notre Dame Cathedral Before Fire?

    In this day and age of HD everything, with camera lenses so powerful, you can see a flea on a dog’s back from 100 feet away, why is this grainy, out of focus and overall quality? Because (((they))) wanted it that way.


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