Lefties are outraged over ‘misogynist’ statue of Marilyn Monroe in Palm Springs

Blaze- A statue commemorating movie icon Marilyn Monroe is angering many on the left in Palm Springs, California.

“Having this giant, over-sized statue in this town, focusing on that objectification, is disturbing to me,” said political activist Ellen Lockert to the Desert Sun.

The 26-foot-tall statue depicts one of the actresses’ most celebrated and iconic scenes from “The Seven Year Itch” film in 1955. But some say the scene is sexist, and so is the statue. more here

22 Comments on Lefties are outraged over ‘misogynist’ statue of Marilyn Monroe in Palm Springs

  1. We need to simply identify the person by name and identify them as idiots. Just laugh at them in the public square.

  2. Well behaved women seldom make history….

    Our vice president is famous for being Willie Brown’s cock holster

  3. I like Palm Springs. There are a lot of nice resorts, plenty of quality golf courses, and a multitude of nice restaurants. Palm Springs is fun and relaxing.

    The no-fun zone is actually either on the other side of the freeway in Desert Springs or farther up the road in Indio. These are the places for people with a stick up their ass like Ms. Lockert. Leave Palm Springs alone.

  4. ‘pogressives’ can never deal w/ women that are more woman than them

    that means ‘all of them’ … including the ‘men’

  5. The same sort of people made similar complaints about the WWII Sailor and Nurse statue in San Diego and how it supposedly depicted a man forcing himself on an unwilling woman. You know, from the people who don’t know any history prior to last week?

  6. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    Don’t like it? Then don’t look at it! There! Problem solved. And so simply, too. Now go away. Anywhere else. Just. Leave.

  7. “She represents a standard of beauty that a flabby, disheveled slop like me could never possibly realize! I demand it be removed!”

  8. Throughout history many woman have garnered a lot of fame, fortune and goodly rewards by being good looking enough to be objectified! Viva la difference!

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