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Lefties Are So Skewed in the Skull They Lost All Meaning of the Words “Fair and Impartial”

Burlington, Vermont has become a Sanctuary City, characterizing what they have done as “fair and impartial.” 
Are they nuts?
The “fair and impartial” line comes from their self-sucking, oh-so-clever, policy that they say circumvents the Trump law that would defund them.
They’ve looked at the language of Trump’s bill and they say that as long as they never ask if someone is citizen they are in the clear.
So how is that fair to tax payers? How is that impartial to federal law?
Here are some very good comments-

I really like the mangling of the English language:
“A Fair and Impartial….”
How is a pro-criminal regulation either “fair” or “impartial” to anyone besides the criminal?
After all, why would tax-paying US citizens expect the police (which their taxes pay for)
to prioritize their safety over the non-existent “rights” of illegal aliens?

This is not an impartial policy nor is it fair to the citizens of the United States

Burlington certainly needs to uphold it’s reputation as a municipality that will go to great lengths to distance itself from any right-of-center ideas adopted by the more common-sense parts of the country. As long as Burlington officials will not “ask” about a suspect’s violations of federal immigration laws, will they also refrain from checking a suspect’s NCIC arrest warrant status or will that kind of investigation be reserved only for us naturalized citizens? If a person is observed prowling around in a darkened home or business after hours with the door kicked in, will police be prohibited from “asking” if they are authorized to be there? Law and order should always take a back seat to any action that may potentially harm a person’s self esteem. In a practical sense, “asking” a criminal suspect about their immigration status would yield about the same quality of information as “asking” them about their criminal record. The job of law enforcement is to INVESTIGATE.

“The policy directs police not to ask people their immigration status whether they’re a witness, victim or perpetrator of a crime. During police initiated pre-court processes, such as diversion, officers won’t use immigration status against a person or as criteria for arrest.”
This is like arresting someone for selling drugs, noticing that they have a warrant out on them for federal tax evasion and then refusing to notify the IRS because they hate President Trump.
Can the hate be any more blatant?

It appears these people don’t understand the difference between an immigrant and an illegal alien (who have no right to be here).

ht/ Sam S.

4 Comments on Lefties Are So Skewed in the Skull They Lost All Meaning of the Words “Fair and Impartial”

  1. Well, they elected Bernie as their Senator, so common sense doesn’t
    seem to be a plentiful commodity there.

  2. That’s ok, send about 50 federal agents along with a judge to deal with immediate deportation. Any attempt to impede the feds by the local cops results in the arrest of local law enforcement on federal charges. The charges can be dropped when sanity returns to the town.

  3. When they go looking or their missed federal funding they should be fairly and impartially told to piss up a rope. Oh and put a smiley face emoji on it to show we care.

  4. Imagine if you will…
    A cop or council member
    has one of their children or women
    brutally raped by one of these
    nasty little brown fuckers.
    That’s what they do you know???
    Child rape or drunk out of their 3rd
    world minds and smash,crash and burn an
    american family with a 3/4 ton truck.

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