Lefties Wrong Again- Polish People Chant USA! USA! At Wreath Laying Ceremony

So much for our poor standing with countries around the globe.

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  1. What a wonderful welcome to our POTUS.

    Let’s do some favorable trade deals with our friends the Poles. Let’s support them in every way.

    I would gladly go out of my way to buy “Made In Poland”.

  2. The wonderful thing about all this Fake News stuff is that it is only the warm up act. Because, if you really stop to think about it, the reportage of ALL (or 92%) of MSM must be, by default or necessity, if you will, Fake News. I mean, how can it be otherwise if the goal of these globalist collaborators is to stop Trump or anyone in the world who is against a global economic system and trying to maintain their national sovereignty?

    Soon it will be oh so apparent that the MSM’s mission is not driven by a narrow, anti-Trump ideology, but is driven by an anti-national sovereignty (of any nation) agenda. Trump said it straight out: “If you have no borders, you have no country.” And while he was talking about that in the context of physical borders and illegal invaders, he knows that it applies equally to the control of a country’s material resources and tax/fee dollars.

    It’s not about whether or not other nations “like” Trump or the U.S., it’s about WHY they like Trump and the U.S. And the MSM will be working a lot of overtime trying to convince us and the world that Trump/U.S.A. is a big flop in the eyes of the “rest of the world” (aka: globalists).

    This is the best summer ever!!

  3. GO TRUMP!!!
    I wonder if Poland would give Pelosi, Maxine or any other anti-American Democrat a welcome like that. I think not.

  4. The spin now will be that Poland is a “right wing extremist xenophobic” country. Imagine that after their WWII and Cold War history.

  5. I’m surprised the Clinton Foundation didn’t fly in hundreds of Antifa, thousands of BLM, and the pussy hat brigade. Well, maybe they didn’t, because they only press on that “story” was on CNN. heh!

    Turns out there were a couple of Pollacks yelling over there, but they were just arguing about whose kielbasa is bigger & better.

  6. The US really needs to change trade policy. We should be trading with those who want to be our friends, not enriching those who seeks to destroy us.

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