Leftist Caught Faking a TV Show To Trap Republicans

California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly relates his interaction with what appears now to be a phony TV production company, America First Television or TrueMedia Television, lying about a “Sesame Street” like program in order to set up republican politicians and embarrass them with racist content that is subsequently recorded.


True Media Television has a website where they claim to make documentary style and reality TV content. I wonder if they came up with the attempt at slander on their own or if someone paid them to do it. Either way they should be sued, fined, jailed or otherwise driven out of business for this kind of awful stunt.

6 Comments on Leftist Caught Faking a TV Show To Trap Republicans

  1. These same vipers lie about James O’Keefe editing his videos, then go out and do exactly what they claim he did. I hope he infiltrates that coven.

  2. What gets me is how these so-called ‘conservatives’ who’ve been living under a rock all their fucking lives have to be CONSTANTLY REMINDED that there are shysters on the left that will try to seduce them into phony recordings meant to destroy their conservative viewpoint. Are they fucking retarded or what.

  3. Leftist caught faking a TV show to trap a Republican with racist content?

    But enough about Bill Maher and Ben Sasse.


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