Leftist Dirtbag: “This is what I do, and you should too.”


This sh!tferbrains talks openly about families going over their “carbon budget” when he factors in the taking of daily hot showers. Really? When was this “carbon budget” implemented?  And was it calibrated at Leonardo DiCaprio lifestyle levels? Because I’m pretty frickin sure that Leo was taking more than one shower a day to remove his make-up after play acting all day. I’m pretty frickin sure old Leo uses more water than me on his hibiscususussusssesess, even when he’s not there, than I do taking my showers.

Listen, goofnik. I don’t have much in my life except baths. You start talk about taking that away from me because I’m “warming the planet” and there will be an inconvenient boot up your bony a$$.

Enough is enough, pal. If put to a choice, my choice would be to kill the planet, and you with it, because I DON’T WANT TO LIVE IN THIS WORLD WITH ANYONE LIKE YOU.

The planet needs to be killed BECAUSE OF YOU.

So, enjoy the ride to destruction, moron.

'Stop Killing Cyclists - Elephant & Castle protest.

“I shower once a week, and you should too.” – Donnachadh McCarthy

Guardian- When I was a kid, bathtime was a once-a-week affair. We weren’t an unhygienic family – this is just how most of us lived in the 1960s, and I do not remember any horrific body odours resulting from it. By the time I was an adult, I was showering every day. With hindsight, I should have stuck to the old ways.

The average 10-minute shower uses 60 litres of water. A power shower uses three times that and a bath about 80 litres. So a family of four each having a daily 10-minute power shower (I know that is a very conservative estimate for some teenagers) will consume a staggering 0.25m litres of water every year. The annual average cost for electricity for four 10-minute showers per day would be up to about £400, or £1,200 if a power shower is involved. Even worse, the power-shower family would be emitting a staggering 3.5 tonnes of CO2. As we can afford only one tonne of carbon emissions per person – for everything from food to transport – if we are to keep global temperatures below the critical 2C threshold, this would consume nearly all of the family’s carbon budget.

The daily bath or shower, then, is terrible for the environment and our bank balances. That’s one reason I have reverted to a weekly shower, with a daily sink-wash that includes my underarms and privates. But there are health consequences too. I first became aware of these when I was a touring ballet dancer and met a friend whose skin had been severely damaged by excessive use of soap products. He was condemned to treat himself with medical creams for the rest of his life.


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  1. Enjoy your weekly shower, Stinky. As for me, I’m going to go soak in a hot tub of bubbles. As a Tired Mom, it is one of my few luxuries and the way I unwind and relax. So buzz off.

  2. My siblings all consider our parents Aquaphobic.
    They ration water to this day.

    My sister, on her wedding day was rudely interrupted by our mother pounding on the wall saying “that’s enough water!”
    This after a five minute shower ON HER WEDDING DAY!
    I swear a jury wouldn’t have convicted my sister of murder.

    I used to have to shower with my brother and father when I was 4 to six years old.
    Rather disturbing now when I look back. Nothing untoward, just the way it was then.
    Of course, as a child, bathing barely placed above a doctor visit or going to bed early.
    Calls for a bath required the search & rescue dogs.
    I was rather fond of the dirt I had accumulated.
    Olfactory must not develop until the pheromones during the teen years.

    A long, hot shower or bath in the winter is nirvana.
    The hell with these pricks that want to take that from me.
    Sounds like this asshole needs a three hundred degree high colonic.

  3. When his family members drop their toothbrush in the sink, do they throw them away or do they just wash the nut-sack grime off and keep using them after the dirty bastard washes his “privates” in the sink? That is, if anybody is stupid enough to live with a filthy dirtbag like that.

  4. Filthy people are filthy naturally. You don’t have to shame them into it. This idiot is just trying to make a self righteous excuse for why he walks around stinking the place up. Us civilized people will bathe pretty much daily and we’re coordinated enough that we don’t have to take 10 minute showers – we are bright enough and sufficiently coordinated that we can lather up and wash off much more quickly than that whenever we want.

  5. LOL my brother’s typical response to stupid ideas re: hygiene is, “That’s for Eurotrash who don’t bath regularly.” OMG he’s been right all along! 😛

  6. I figure it this way. The Water Department charges me for one full block of water, (about 1200 gallons) every month. That’s the minimum I must pay for. I don’t come anywhere near using that much water. On top of that, the actual cost of the water is about 25% of the bill with the balance going for taxes, trash and sewer charges, so I’ll shower as often as I darn well please, thank you very much.

  7. I live right on one of the Great Lakes. A few years ago they told us we had to save water. Why? I don’t know. It’s not like we were running out. Anyway, people cut back and saved water. Then they jacked up the rates by about 150% and justified it by telling us that since people had cut back on water usage, they were not getting the expected revenue, so they had to raise the rates!
    Hey, you didn’t really expect them to pass on the savings did you???
    Hey we discovered electricity, developed technology and the infrastructures. I’m gonna use it Shitbag!!

  8. I’d like to see him pull that crap in a dirty, polluted environment like New York City. You need a daily shower just to rinse off the surface dirt!

    A few years ago my building encountered a “perfect storm” of bad timing (holiday compounded with weekend AND Top Ten blizzard) that left us without hot water for five days. By Day 4 I felt and smelled so disgusting, and had such horribly greasy hair, that I refused to leave my apartment–even to go next door and buy the daily newspaper. So this filthy pig can kiss my fat, pristine ass.

  9. P.S. Does Earth Boy ever get laid? He looks like Ichabod Crane and must smell like week-old fish.

  10. I once encountered a family that belonged to some odd religious group who thought that bathing and using soap was “unhealthy” and thus “ungodly” and these people just reeked.

    Their clothing was stained and the old man had spit and food stuck in his beard. They would come into a store and walk around and shop and the place would just stink for an hour or 2 after they left. THAT BAD.

    Their odor was so bad that people DID talk to them about it, everyone knew who they were.

    But they believed that they were in the right and chose to be that way.

    For me, bathing every day is important, I shower every morning. By the time the next morning comes around I stink.

    I’m not gonna put on clean clothes when I’m stinky. If I did, I could probably go another day before people would notice I was stinky.

    I suppose this guy can go a week and be ok if he washes his face, pits and crotch and wears clean clothes. What kind of a sink does he have that he can properly wash his junk? Is it a Bidet?

  11. Yuck-o

    What is it about REgressives that requires the sane people live like they think best?

    I swear to the Good Lord if you take this line of thinking to it’s logical conclusion, he would have us sitting in a leaf covered structures, burning cow pies for heat and eating algae cakes.

    And thanks for the information that you wash your nut sack and pits out in the sink-I’ll bet you just made a few dozen former guests throw up a little in their mouths.

  12. ‘As we can afford only one tonne of carbon emissions per person’

    The limits have already been set and now they just have to perfect how they monitor us. I would keep a close eye on your ‘smartphone’

  13. I shower daily, sink wash (lol) my face twice, run the water when I brush my teeth and run the hot water when handling raw meats during meal prep. I sooooo undo whatever good he pretends he does

  14. What, does he think we’re French? He’s as bad as Cheryl Crow drivin around the country to concerts and telling us to use only one square of toilet paper.
    I think of her every time I flush the 5 gallon tank on my antique toilet.

  15. “…when I was a touring ballet dancer…”

    So that’s it. Even your pooftah buddies didn’t want to hang around your stank so you became the bitter faggot they all know and hate. Asshole.

  16. If I can afford it, I’m using it. When I can’t afford it, I’ll cut back.
    So, with that line of reasoning and “logic”, what does that tell you about our “once-a-week” friend, who wants to impose his poverty on everyone.

  17. As long as the Columbia river dumps 1,300 cubic meters of fresh water into the pacific ocean every second, I’m not going to worry. Like all the neighbors, I’m going to wash the driveway down with a hose, ditto for cleaning the gutters.

  18. Whenever some libtard throws out the line that “that is how they do it in Europe” I respond “yes, and they bath once a week and use Nuclear power so what is your point?”.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with Nuclear power but the look on the average libtard’s face when you hit them with “that is how they roll in Europe” is priceless. Almost as satisfying as the look on a PETA person’s face when you explain to them that PETA’s shelters have a ‘put down’ policy if the furry creature does not get adopted within the allotted time frame.

  19. There’s an ad going around that complains about leaving the water run while you’re brushing your teeth. Something about wasting more water doing that, then most people in the 3rd world shitholes have to use in a week. Portrayed as something along the lines of “Eat your veggies, there’s children starving in China”. How the eff does my not using water make more water for them?

  20. Valuable ideas , I was fascinated by the specifics – Does anyone know if my company could get ahold of a sample a form version to edit ?

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