Leftist hypocrisy hangs and lingers like rancid gas

The Hill-

The people who have made an industry out of destroying ordinary people’s lives over old social media posts and out-of-context comments are very upset that it’s happening to them. The New York Times, clearly worried by the recent exposure of blatantly anti-Semitic tweets posted by one of its reporters, and clearly worried that even more embarrassing material is in reserve, tried to stop the hemorrhaging with a rambling article demonizing the independent journalists who uncovered the tweets.

In fact, much of the liberal media sphere went into panic mode, vehemently declaring that this particular exercise of the First Amendment is actually an attack on the First Amendment.

Considering that the Times recently held a staff meeting at which employees strategized over how best to undermine President Trump, Sulzberger doesn’t have much standing to complain about media bias. Clearly, he thinks that his journalists deserve special privileges and protections because the targets of their attacks are so important.

CNN, which the Times also portrays as a victim, went after an obscure social media user for making a meme of the president wrestling a figure with CNN’s logo. The Daily Beast, another left-wing outlet, once doxxed a black forklift driver because he posted a meme about “drunk Nancy Pelosi.”

In the mind of leftist journalists, destroying people’s lives is “speaking truth to power” and “independent journalism.” It’s not. It’s a pure, shameless abuse of power by those who have it against those who don’t. It’s a deliberate exploitation of the far-left hate mobs that Big Tech still allows to organize on social media, even as the tech giants ban conservative users for “harassment” when they criticize journalists.


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  1. Anonymity is a hallmark of our country’s founding.

    It makes everything you say stand on its own merit.

    All these experts and elitists who sign off with what school they attended, what their degree is in, who they selectively worked for and so on are appeals to authority. Many of those authorities which lost all pretense of objectivity or true accomplishment and now survive on a reputation that died a long time ago.

    And if you don’t believe that, there is a ship of overcredentialed, undereducated climate cultists trapped in arctic ice that they had to expend a lot of carbon to go rescue.

  2. Yup! I’ve stated for years that most of these elitist Leftists aren’t able to wind a watch without a personal assistant, personal trainer, house-keepers, chauffeurs, accountants, consultants and psychiatrists, living their messy lives through the revolving doors of divorce courts, bankruptcy courts, custody courts, criminal courts (with the occasional vacation in a rehab center) while lavishly living in their gated communities with their White neighbors and friends, lecturing the “little guy” on guns, the environment (while flying in their private jets with armed guards to far-flung European meetings) and then gladly preach to us, the average, hard-working, over-taxed payer what to think, how to live in gun-free zones, what to eat, how to raise our kids, what kind of energy we should have, how many genders there may be and of course who to vote for … all while drowning in their incessant, boundless sea of abject hypocrisy!

  3. TRF — Hands down, you are the best!

    And speaking of hypocrisy: Anyone see that video of the Hollywood A-Listers thanking “Lt. Dan” Gary Sinese, for his loyal service to America’s military? I about hurled. Fortunately, blog post commenters across the internets withheld everything but a raised eyebrow in deference to Sinese’s honor, but they were sniggering nonetheless. Could it be that the likes of Hanks, Deniro, and the rest of them are starting to feel a little left out from all the love showered on Sinese for his dedication to something that is so thoroughly American? I detected something akin to stolen valor (at least disgusting virtue signalling: “Yeah, man, I was featured in a viral video thanking Gary for his great service to our military.”).

    If you can ignore the pathetic, old actors, it’s worth a watch. There are plenty of military families, fire/rescue, and military units who are also in the video.

  4. Anonymity and pen names are as American as Silence Dogood, Alice Addertongue, Anthony Afterwit, Busy Body, Richard Saunders aka”Poor Richard” and Ben Franklin.

  5. Listening to the media complain about criticism is hysterically funny. I especially enjoy watching them display their woeful ignorance during any one of Trump’s Chopper Pressers and then whining about his treatment of them afterward. The President’s “Speaking truth to media” is epic.

  6. AA – Thank you for the kind words. I cannot comment at work (home for lunch) so pardon me for the late response, but I really do feel honored to be around some of the best commenters here at the Internet’s Sanity Check, you included!


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