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Leftist Intolerance of Christianity on Campus

The secular ideologues populating our college campuses are particularly focused on opposing Christian belief. Not satisfied with protesting and trying to shut down Christian speakers and organizations on their campuses, they attack the accreditation of schools that maintain a Christian identity.

Mary Eberstadt calls attention to this form of discrimination in her article, pointing out just a few examples of the tactics used to attack those who approach higher education from a non-secular basis.


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  1. All this is a product of the ill-reasoned “self-esteem” craze in child rearing back in the ’90s and ’00s. It raised a full generation of insufferable brats with no clue how to get along with other people.

  2. A wise Pastor once to me “you can’t preach God’s word without offending people”. The point being we all need correction.
    Sorry these delicate little snowflakes are upset.

  3. You can’t indulge in sin with some asshole reminding you that there is a standard of behavior that excludes sin as acceptable behavior

  4. I’m sorry (no, I’m not), but I would have to laugh out loud if anyone approached me like that.
    I’d say, “I condemn your intolerance of my Freedom of Speech, and I DON’T CARE if it hurts other people’s feelings. Especially YOUR feelings. So Fuck off, you intolerant bigoted racist (I’m white) heterophobic asshole.”

  5. The first amendment was designed to limit the ability of the federal government to infringe upon free speech. Inalienable rights are just that, non negotiable.-Just say’in…

  6. I condemn feelings that can be hurt by free speech and the jackoffs that have those feelings. Consume feces and expire.

  7. My oldest son is 11 and we stand eye to eye, 5’4. He knows he is stronger than me but would never do it. Why? Because I taught my kids RESPECT! Which most of these butt hurt kids have never been taught. Plus my kids go to a catholic private school. Oh yes they do! They have been around kids from both private and public and they don’t want anything to do with public school kids. I fear the day they go to college, which most are liberal.just hope the upbringing sticks.

  8. When it comes to Christian campus groups and Christian colleges, what are leftists and atheists afraid of? Ron Reagan Jr., when he was on Err America, spent a lot of time proudly proclaiming he is an atheist and attacking Christianity. Why?

    Sure, Christians try to convert people, but even Penn Jillete, an admitted atheist, believes that that is proper – if you believe Christianity is the path to salvation and the best way to live your life, then you should try to convert others. But Christians don’t try to convert people with violence or at the end of a gun or with laws mandating that people become Christians.

    Objectively, Christianity seems like a harmless religion – if you don’t want to be a Christian, you don’t have to be. You don’t have to go to a Christian college, and even if you do (and I have), many of these schools have some tolerance with regard to observing particular rites of the sponsoring demonination. (The school I attended did not permit dancing or consumption of alcohol, but only on campus or at official events). Similarly, if a school invites a Christian speaker, there is no attendance requirment, and no requirement you believe whatever the speaker is advocating. Christians do not even require that an individual believe in God – we believe you should, but you have a right to choose not to.

    Subjectively, though, Christianity is a threat to leftists. Leftists are intolerant and their religion is government; any doctrine which does not recognize the singular supremecy of government is not allowed. Like some Roman emperors who angered Jews by demanding that statutes of themselves be placed in temples and worshiped, leftists demand that government not only be respected and obeyed, but worshiped as well.

    So how does the demand for tolerance of Islam by the left play into this? Stupidity. Islam and Christianity are antithecal to each other, and under “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” belief, Islam must be tolerated because Islam does not tolerate Christianity. As is typical, the left ignores the fact that Islam also does not tolerate homosexuality or the rights of women – an intolerance that can be violent – but they will learn when the intolerance of Islam meets the intolerance of the left.

    Unlike Islam, Christianity has that intangible “something” which frightens leftists. Membership in the Christian community is voluntary, and you can leave any time you want, but most people don’t and many people convert later in life. That so many people would voluntarily join a church and chose to follow the Christian lifestyle is anathema to leftists who believe that government force and repression to the exclusion of all else is the way.

  9. Wyatt,

    Very well said. I would only add that Christ knew/predicted that Christians would be persecuted. It’s been happening in every other country for centuries, America has been somewhat immune until now. This is only to be expected. That doesn’t mean we have to accept it without putting up a fight…..

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