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Leftist Loon- “A Fetus Needs Permission to Reside in a Uterus”

Utah abortionist Leah Torres has made a name for herself for making bold and outrageous statements about abortion online.
On Tuesday, she came up with another: It’s ok to abort an unborn baby if they do not have permission to live in their mother’s uterus...
Her claim quickly was met with the criticism and ridicule that it deserved. An unborn baby cannot ask his or her mother’s permission to live in her womb. It’s impossible. What’s more, the unborn baby has no say in his or her life coming into existence. Except under rare circumstances, the baby’s life came into being as a direct result of its mother’s and father’s actions. Pregnancy is a risk of sexual intercourse, even when birth control is involved.
But Torres claimed consent to sex is not consent to pregnancy...
sorry, but you didn’t say ‘Mother, may I?’

21 Comments on Leftist Loon- “A Fetus Needs Permission to Reside in a Uterus”

  1. Ooopsie! Looks like Leah Torres forgot to ask permission to be a sane person!

    Living with tortured logic is no way to go through life.

  2. That’s a mentally ill person. Who talks like that?
    How can a woman who sees her be sure she’s not purposefully damaging her while she’s committing abortion? I’m sure she’d like repeat customers, but the chick is off the wall and probably wouldn’t care as long as she could prevent future pregnancies.

  3. Yes.
    Kill your children.
    All of them – born and unborn.
    It’s OK.
    They have no “permission” to live.
    Let’s see … does this idea carry within it any “unintended consequences?”
    Hmmm …

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Ut Oh! How can a mass of tissue give you permission only a rational, living person can. Kinda blows up the Planned Parenthood narrative.

  5. Rationalizations are all that the corrupt have.

    Little solice for the years ahead when young grow older and more mature and come to realize what they’ve done and face a guilt and sorrow that can’t be undone.

  6. How anti-science. Having sex is absolutely giving the okay to the posibilty of creating a fetus to live in your uterus, regardless of the precautions being taken. When did women become so weak, stupid and helpless.

  7. Since when? My disgust with fools like this is starting to reach it limits. Lady, babies do not need permission to be born once they are conceived and you are definitely not God. This is the dumbest, most stupid evil comment that I’ve ever heard come from a pro abort. If we have a second Civil war it will be definitely over abortion, rampant homosexuality and all it’s freaky variations and political correctness and the hatred the left has for everything decent and godly, God help us! I don’t want to see that because a lot of innocent people will be killed in the left’s uncontrolled will to power just like what happened in Russia 100 years ago because men forgot God and declared themselves as the savior of humanity. I fear more for my children and grandchildren than I do for myself that they will never know freedom like we did if this keeps up unabated.

  8. Progressivism is a mental health condition that manifests in symptoms similar to those suffering from neurosyphilis, as it progresses the ability for rational thought diminishes.

  9. It’s been internationally regarded through the ages that spreading your thighs is just that invitation, dumb shit….
    Do you think that level of stupidity may assist in birth control?
    Naaaaah, not among liberals.

  10. Spreading your damn legs has been the only permission used since the dawn of time.
    If that don’t suit you, move to another planet.


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