Leftist McCarthy Tactics Aimed At Bill Whittle

Conservative commentator Bill Whittle had been invited to a fundraiser for Jean Ives, a Republican seeking the governorship in Illinois. That was until he was dis-invited for what is claimed to be racist comments about blacks. More

Whittle is to participate on a panel next week about fake news at Cal Poly. College Democrats accused Bill of publishing “racist and Islamophobic commentary” and withdrew  from the event. It seems the panel will still be held February 13th, though Mr. Whittle’s reputation was again dragged through the mud while he was given no opportunity to defend himself. More

It seems the accusations against him come from a Media Matters hit piece from last spring.  Whittle discussed his options for responding to the charges on his pod cast. Watch




4 Comments on Leftist McCarthy Tactics Aimed At Bill Whittle

  1. Must be punished for speaking the truth. We’re sorry if we hurt your feelings by calling you stupid.. we thought you already knew.

  2. They put the cross hairs on him when he started doing work for the NRA. That MM hit piece was a time bomb just waiting to go off and now that they’ve taken notice of it they will use it until Whittle can force a retraction. Even then its ghost will still be out there whispering in the ears of leftist everywhere to resist listening to common sense.

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