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Leftist Media & Politicians Incited Race Riots


I have spent the past week shocked watching our liberal media and politicians condone, support, egg on, entice, and incite race riots.

Mainstream media and liberal politicians have done everything they could to soften the optics of the disgusting destruction of thousands of businesses across the U.S., businesses which these same leftist leaders have bled dry in the months leading up to the vandalism through coronavirus closures. These leaders continuously speak support for the protesters, some even for Antifa, and strategically couple it with a gentle admonition of the rioters who coattail the protesters and cause unprecedented mayhem. Nikole Hannah-Jones, who wrote the leftist race war theology known as the 1619 Project, which is being taught in over 3,500 public schools, has actually expressed support for the looting and property destruction, terming it “protest” and “not violence,” while simultaneously encouraging it as an “uprising.”

On Tuesday, Governor Northam stated that George Floyd was one of the “people being killed for the color of their skin.” But wait. While a unified majority of Americans agree that Floyd should never have been handled as he was, what do the police officers’ callousness and recklessness have to do with Floyd “being killed for the color of [his] skin”? There is absolutely no evidence of racism or hate in the Floyd case, just political conspiracy theories of racism. But these politically-driven theories of “white supremacy” and racism are fueling the fires that are burning our American cities. All the while, statistics show that black men are less likely than white men to die from police contact. In fact, “a police officer is 18½ times more likely to be killed by a black male than an unarmed black male is to be killed by a police officer,” writes Heather Mac Donald in the Wall Street Journalmore

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  1. Well the country isn’t going to tear itself apart.

  2. Cloward-Piven eating their own tail.

  3. Will ´´The St George Floyd Story´´ be ready for Winter Festival Season?

  4. This morning on FOX news Lindsay Graham ( still don’t trust him) made this exact point while refuting Mattis. He did a fairly decent job of bitch slapping Mattis.

  5. This goes back to the TV Cameras focusing on a kneeling Football

    Player..There was no reason to do that…Except for fueling the fire.

    I posted on My FB Page before I went to Bed last Night.

    “BLM only cares about the Death’s They can squeeze a Dime out of..

    change My mind”

    (I just got a warning for using the word “Muzzie”)

  6. I hope i’m able to watch the big liberal cities burn on live tv.

    Then i hope prez trump sends in elite forces to clean house.

    America’s problems solved.

  7. “week shocked” – SHOCKED? Where the Hell have you been since 1950? Pluto! Beta Centauri?

    Had you taken out your wallet 70 years ago and paid attention the Press inciting race riots would be “Same o same o”!

    I only go to Townhall nowadays for Kurt. Thoughtless , maybe bogus maybe just dumb writer, articles like this are why.
    Marina pretends to have no knowledge of:

    LA 55 years ago

    LA 28 years ago


    Either she is a GWB protector or she is either:
    1. Not smart
    2. Not honest

    It seems to me that TH is trying very hard to be the new Weekly Standard.

    This “Boy the MSM has changed!” BS is a reason I follow your links; but other than Kurt never visit anymore.

    IMHO She is lying to protect GWB! I can not prove this, not saying it is fact.

    If anyone wants more cases of the MSM inciting race riots since 1950 ask; I will research.

  8. The devolution of major American cities has begun.
    These once important structures are being destroyed by bluethink weaponized virus “lockdowns” and opening
    the “lockups”. Citizens and business are ruined, disarmed and attacked while criminals and rioters own the streets.
    This is the lethal stroke the hate blinded blue rulers
    have dealt themselves. Refugees, rich and not so rich
    are fleeing the crumbling brick and mortar monuments
    to a past age that are now proven to be overpriced,
    useless and dangerous.
    Ozymandeus cities sit rotting in a tax dessert of their
    own making as the major power base of blue government
    insanity rapidly disappears into caravans of moving vans
    and U-hauls.

  9. Charge all the instigating lying media with sedition and add in Sharpton and the hollywood commies. You get what you tolerate and we have tolerated too damn much.

  10. That is what they do. I figured that out in the 1960’s and I was not even a teenager yet.

  11. Let all the left leaning cities and states self-implode and after they’ve burned themselves to ashes. Get brooms and leaf blowers and do a restart. Mean while, stay the phuck away because they are hell bent on suicide, murder and mayhem. Never look back.

  12. DNC sponsored ‘Terrorist Race Riots’! The Democrat Party is the largest, best organized and best funded terrorist sponsoring organization in the world!

  13. I can’t bare to watch any of the mainstream talking heads any longer.
    I’ll be happy to make one exception and that’s to view any one of them providing they’re staring blankly with ants crawling out of their nose.


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