Leftist Mob Attacks Pam Bondi in Movie Theater

This is the left’s plan for the summer- seek out people to the right of them, politically, and physically attack them. In the latest attack the unruly mob were spitting on her.

This is the aftermath when police intervened and escorted her out to safety-

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24 Comments on Leftist Mob Attacks Pam Bondi in Movie Theater

  1. And this isn’t stalking, harassment, assault or terroristic threats how exactly?

    Interstate coordination to stalk by the Democratic Socialists of America.

    Don’t just escort her to safety, arrest the gotdam threat to her safety. Or else they win.

  2. Parts of our society are no longer civilized,
    shame on all those bastards!
    Pam should either not publicize her schedule or publish one and go some where else.

  3. Hear about the a-hole who criticized Sarah H. Sanders for using WH Twitter to report about being kicked out the Red Hen? Said she was using an official media account for personal reasons — If Sarah was a left wing democrat suck up for Obama her entree would have been free! She was attacked for her job not her person!!

    Same thing in this case. If you defend your self then you’re the bad guy.

    Oh what a world we have allowed to form around us.

  4. It’s way past time to start playing hardball with these leftwing commie maggots and who ever is pulling their strings and funding this shit!

  5. The left is going to hurt or kill some one real soon, they are off the rail crazy now, going from words to beating on people to shootings. It is all ramping up real quick. If they keep it up it will get ugly very fast and they will not like what happens.
    There are many that are waiting for the chance to really take the fight to them but have been holding back, it won’t take much to set them off, pray it does not start.

  6. Everyone should start carrying pepper spray for occasions like this. If you are around when these scum go off hose them down, blind them with spray.

  7. OTOH doing away with the protection of medical pre-existing conditions is sofa king wrong. This is a very bad move.

    Gov Scott is against it, where does she get off trying to make life worse, so much worse and expensive for Floridians?

    I fart in her general direction.

  8. This is no longer in the realm of “protesting” ideas or policies. This is targeting, stalking, and ambushing of individuals at their homes and in public while they’re going about their personal lives; this is purposeful mob-entrapment of individuals for the purpose of inciting violence upon that person.

    There is nothing that justifies this other than the Left’s certainty of their moral superiority.

  9. Golly she’s cute. Twice divorced. That tells me demon in the sack. Who harasses cute skirts that are demons in the sack?

    Crazy bitches, that’s who.

    That’s the real problem in America. Crazy. Bitches. It’s not even confined to one gender. Hell, all 49 genders have crazy bitches in their populations. You want to end all these problems in America you find the crazy bitches and remove them from interacting with the public.

    P.S. they’re super easy to spot as they’re crazy and bitchy. Find them and crazy shame them. The one thing crazy bitches can’t stand to hear is that they’re crazy. Good Lord, hours of entertainment….

    But yeah, that Pam Bondi is cute.

  10. Florida is a carry state. The lady should take a gun with her wherever she goes. If physically attacked, shoot to kill, either a head or gut shot.

    Other posts here are right on target. Some left-prog who wants to be a hero to his comrades is going to kill a conservative, just to try to kick start their idiot revolution.

    They are now foaming at the mouth crazy.

  11. All by design.Then the commies will offer
    the “solution” to the “crisis”…

  12. Someone spits on me is liable to get a cap in that ass. As far as I am concerned, that is assault. (and completely gross)


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