Leftist Naomi Wolf’s Book About Western Cruelty Toward Gays Debunked BEFORE Publication

 – A homosexual man in 19th-century Britain committed an indecent assault against a 6-year-old boy. It was a capital offense, but the judge pronounced “death recorded,” a term of art for when someone was eligible for the death sentence but spared.

The convicted man was imprisoned and later released. “Death recorded,” the court records said, but contemporary news accounts also noted that he was spared. There were many other cases like this.

Bestselling leftist author Naomi Wolf took “death recorded” to mean executed–and spun *a whole book* about how that episode, and others like it, reveal how cruel were Western legal regimes when it came to “queer folks.”

Said book is forthcoming from next month. God knows how much they paid to acquire it, Wolf being a feminist superstar and all. Has any book been so instantaneously debunked, *before* its publication date?

Here’s the interview, with BBC radio, I think, wherein she learns in real-time that her claims rest on a basic misunderstanding. Having lived in Britain, I can tell you that no nation is more adept at brutally exposing intellectual fraud.

Brits are brutal at this precisely because they do it so subtly and politely.

I also can’t get over the fact that the homosexual man whose—nonexistent— death sentence Wolf decries was actually convicted of raping a 6-year-old. And he only got 2 1/2 years in the slammer!

“I found, like, several dozen executions,” says Wolf, with upspeak. LOLOLOLOLOL.

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  1. The editors are feverishly scratching out western and scribbling in Iranian before a complete loss of investment. Too late assholes!

  2. Debunked? She’ll be on every morning show in America and everything she says will be accepted as gospel. It’ll make millions with the left even if obama has to buy every copy.

  3. She – and so many people like her – are so full of sh-t (and themselves). She probably got where she is by some affirmative action program, which is why she’s so arrogant and ignorant.

  4. Poor girl, most of her essays never go anywhere past being stuck on her mom’s refrigerator and now this!

  5. Wonder why she doesn’t go on to write a book about the treatment of homo’s in the Islamic countries during the same time period?

    Seems the left goes out of its way to overlook that particular situation.

  6. Yep, if you want someone to slip the shiv in unnoticed it would be a BBC interviewer. What an idiot Wolf is. Political Advisor to Al Gore and Bill Clinton indeed. What did she advise Clinton about? Cuban or Honduran cigars?

    I’ll bet the publisher (even though it would have been a vanity copy run) is having fits wondering how to ask for the advance back and finding a landfill to take the books and the right might be pouring over all her books nobody ever read for similar intellectual sloppiness.

  7. Did she write it with fetal blood to celebrate all those wonderful abortions she loves so much?


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