Leftist Rioters Set Fire to Building With A Child Inside, Then Blocked Firefighters


(WWBT) – Richmond Police Chief Will Smith got emotional during a press conference after the second night of protests in the city.

Chief Smith says last night protesters set fire to a few buildings, including a multi-family residence that was occupied by a child in the 300 block of West Broad Street.

As fire crews were arriving, Smith says protesters blocked the engine from reaching the fire.

“When you take a legitimate issue and hijack it for unknown reasons, that is unacceptable to me, it’s unacceptable to the Richmond Police Department, unacceptable to the city of Richmond,” said Smith.

While chocking up, Smith said officers were fortunate enough to make it inside the structure to rescue the child and family.

This is what the celebrities like Justin Timberlake who are bailing out thugs are funding. There’s no crime too horrifying for the Black Lives Matter/Antifa gang to commit.  get the whole story here

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  1. They have everyone of these captured on drone footage. Have been surveilling them since the good old days of run ins w/the Proud Boys. But but but, Gavin McInnes.

    Has anyone alerted Liddle Marco of this revelation?

  2. These sick domestic enemies of my
    America will never stop until they
    are STOPPED permanently.On another note,
    how would you like to be a cop right now ???

  3. “When you take a legitimate issue and hijack it for unknown reasons …”

    There was NO “legitimate issue” in the first place. The cop KNEW the victim. Racial differences had NOTHING to do with it.
    The rationale for the “hijack” of the savages to riot is well known and well understood – it’s a bunch of pawns who have been home-incarcerated for nine weeks and are possessed of great tension being released in the service of nihilistic totalitarianism through their socialist masters.

    Follow the twitter (or facebook, or whatever) trail.

    This is an orchestrated campaign having to do with the upcoming election (and the destruction of the Republic) and nothing whatsoever to do with Mr. Floyd.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. There’s a Q rumor flying around Twitter that says antifa has been infiltrated for a couple years…names and faces of some big operators have been exposed, presumably to the feds. Plus payment documents…money trails. Could be faked though.

    Another tweet says Congress didn’t come back because they knew they were going to be riots. How would they know that in advance if they weren’t in league with antifa? I guess we’ll see. If some really big and unexpected dominos start falling as tied domestic terrorism…hoo boy. It’ll be a whole new day.

  5. Rioters and looters (and as an aside, shoplifters) should be shot on sight. They are stealing from all of use and need to be stopped and set a real example that we will not tolerate this behavior.
    it will only take a few to get the message.
    Our governments have set a real reason why we have the 2nd Amendment.

  6. …future media headline:


    Images from 70 years ago of fire hoses spraying suited Black protestors on the orders of famous Democrat politicians evoked.

    …see if they don’t…

  7. well in the immortal words of barock

    obama did build this!

    this is on his head

    where is all his concerned words for the people being killed and hurt?

    not a peep!

  8. Even now this is still Obama’s/Soros’ world, as far as the government networks are concerned. Hopefully not for much longer.

  9. Welcome to the the new Civil war! “Russian Collusion” didn’t work, “Impeachment” didn’t work, the Virus is petering out so they’ve resorted to full-on Civil Disobedience! Desperate men do desperate things. DemocRATs are in a fight for their existence. The Bought & Paid For Media is their propaganda arm and Antifa is their militant arm. If they can and will do this to our cities, imagine what they will do to the election process. Unless concerted action is taken now we will witness the United States devolve into the new Venezuela! The full force of Military intelligence must be focused on their communications to head them off at the pass so they can be rounded up and stopped! We can no longer depend on democRAT mayors and governors.

  10. …my fire agency once got a accused of “letting a Black church burn” for waiting a minute while the power company dropped service to the building before spraying water on an ELECTRICAL fire.

    It was an AME church and the “reverend” had a HUGE racial chip on his shoulder. He half-heard a fireground radio transmission that his touchy li’l mind heard “we’re not going to put that fire out” from “we’re not going to put that fire out UNTIL THE POWER IS DISCONNECTED.”

    Our Black firefighters were quite surprised to hear they let Black churches burn.

    The fire was put out quickly with minimal damage.

    The political bullshit took weeks and urgent City council meetings full of preening poverty pimps and craven pandering politicos, full of wild accusations with no factual basis at all.

    We had comm recordings, testimony of Black FFs, documentation of the utility company involvement, and the aforementioned fact that we put a good stop on it and so if out intention was to let “Black churches burn”, we did a shitty job of it.

    Chief beat them by putting a stack of applications to the VFD on the table and saying they could join, then they’d be at the meetings, hear the orders, and have no doubt crap wasn’t racial. We’d appreciate the manpower.

    He got no takers, but lots of dirty looks.

    It was the 1980s and not the 2020s, though, so truth eventually won.

    Probably wouldn’t now.

    Like I said, the media would make the RFD the racist killers.

    This is how I KNOW.

  11. I tell my kids, ” It takes a long time to build things and only seconds to destroy it.”

    bill @

    Obama that theory. The damage he has done to race relations in the United States was achieved quite quickly by words like, “if I had a son, he would look like Trayvon”

  12. This Hegelian scheme is an AI game plan leading to a Chinese/corporate takeover via the demoncrats governors, mayors, and their minions.

  13. Stop playing games with these assholes. If ANTIFA is a domestic terrorist group then treat it as such. Let Military Intelligence and Seal Team Six take care of it. We don’t have to kill them (yet) but we do have to capture and arrest them. Round up the leaders and send them to GITMO. Sense when do common trash get to dictate over our lives? Take our streets back.

  14. Ghetto cretins aren’t that organized or sinister. This is the work of ghetto cretins led by college-educated America Che Gueveras.
    Liberal billionaires are footing the bill. Certin billionares are now the terrorists: take them out.
    (If Barr isn’t asleep.)

  15. Rubio, celebrities, Cook’s Country, America’s Test Kitchen, rich leftist politicians, etc.
    It is amazing to see who is voicing support for the thugs.
    Tells me they hate Trump and America so much they must just see the wanton destruction of property and life as a sacrifice for the cause.
    They had better be careful what they wish for. They would all be the first ones muzzled under a commie government.

  16. Emergency responders should just run over them. If you decide to obstruct a fire truck or ambulance your life if forfeit. Sorry about your luck.

  17. Going to be interesting to see what the Lame Stream Communist Media says when these terrorist pukes try this kind of shit out in the suburbs and rural areas, and start getting turned into crow food.

  18. On another post,

    @RADIOATIONMAN HAM/CB/AM/FM/SSB/HF/VHF June 1, 2020 at 6:32 am

    > On another note,
    > how would you like to be a cop right now ???

    I was able to say “no” to NAMBLA membership.

    So… bout… nope, just double checked… exactly… the same.

  19. bike mike
    JUNE 1, 2020 AT 9:17 AM
    “Emergency responders should just run over them. If you decide to obstruct a fire truck or ambulance your life if forfeit. Sorry about your luck.”

    …as tempting as that is, there are several reasons, both political and practical, that you can’t do that.

    Political reasons are obvious. As I mentioned before, fire trucks to this day are tainted for the time 70 years ago that one company followed the orders of a Democrat and used their hoses on protestors. Not even lethal, and even 7 decades later the image is STILL a powerful Civil Rights icon and one that fire departments nationwide will ALWAYS be tainted by. In the age of Facebook and Democrat enemedia, that would get firefighters nationwide killed.

    Practically, fire trucks aren’t built for that, and fire crews aren’t set up or trained for that. Most emergency equipment, BECAUSE it is EMERGENCY equipment, doesn’t even LOCK, and it CERTAINLY isn’t armor plated. You see the guy with the tanker truck that got yanked out like Reginald Denny and beaten? It’d be like THAT if you smeared a couple of them, and I’m sure they’d quite enjoy setting the fire truck on fire. Also, even if by some miracle you made it to the scene, a 4 man fire crew drops 2 in air for SAR purposes who are going to be in the building, an officer, probably in-air too and so with limited vision, usually at the door, to monitor their progress and nightlight the exit, and an engineer at the unit to run the pump if they took a hose in, and to handle County comms.

    That’s it.

    No guys for scene protection or to even set up a tape cordon on the initial attack, and in a riot situation, there probably won’t BE any more. The engineer and the officer will get jumped quickly, the interior crew will lose water or maybe even have the hose yanked out of their hands if the rioters move the unit, and will also be overwhelmed IF they make it back out of the building.

    And again, you’ve just given a multi-ton vehicle filled with axes, pike poles, forcible entry tools like the Halligan tool and battering rams, and maybe even a Jaws of Life…to rioters.

    Ya think that might be a problem?

    …also, at the end of the day, that’s not the intent of this apparatus, and not the mission of it’s operators. I’ve been attacked, by patients, by families, by bystanders, by people that didn’t know or didn’t care that my uniform was EMS and not Police. I’ve had to defend myself and my patients, run from gunfire, disarm people trying to knife me. It happens. I dealt with the threat, then had to treat the consequences.

    Unlike Police, anything EMS breaks, they have to FIX.

    But this is an unwanted side effect. The core mission is healing and life, not violence and death, and once you turn an ambulance into a weapon for any but the most extreme of threats, you’ve betrayed your oath to Man and God, and turned the public perception of the truck from Fire Engine Red to Blood Red, and can expect to be treated accordingly.

    Everything is situational. I don’t know if they knew a child was there, how close they got, if they knew LEO was coming from another angle. It ended as well as it could, so I’d say what they did was correct. Like Ecclesiastes 3:3 says, “A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up”. Only those there would know which time it was.

    But shifting the public perception of “Fire Truck” to “War Wagon” in the middle of nationwide riots should be avoided to the greatest extent possible. In times of limited resources triage is used to determine with a cold calculus how to do the greatest good for the greatest number with the resources you have on hand. During a mass casualty incident it means people may die that normally wouldn’t, so you can save more people quicker. It sucks, but its an unavoidable fact in emergency medicine, a truism that can’t be wished or shamed away. Always been there, always will be. At the end of the day, you can’t save eveyone.

    Making people hate them and fear them, however, to make an untenable situation even worse, will help NO one.

    Rioters aren’t listening to your explanations.

    And they are FAR more prepared to kill than YOU are.

    God Bless and protect those men and women dealing with this. God bless those who, against all odds, saved that child.

    And may God see fit to damn those who stood in the way to a well-deserved firey hell with NO hope of rescue.


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