Leftist Says Cops in Ohio State Terrorist Event Should Have Used More Restraint

Sometimes a bint will start yapping and I actually do drop my jaw.

In this ridiculous rant the bint says that cops should have just knocked the knife attacker down… maybe shot him in the leg. Her response to Tim Kaine’s idiotic statement that this was gun violence was to point out that this would have been much worse had the guy had a gun.

You see, you cannot win with these weirdos.

She then goes on to spout ridiculous statistics, one involving the nearly gun-free Japan, to show how evil guns are. (Meanwhile, Japan manages to kill themselves at an alarming rate without any guns.)

Even when there is a terrorist attack involving no guns whatsoever, the left uses it as an opportunity to blame guns.

It’s like blaming earthquakes on global warming. They’re deranged and without shame – a lethal combination.

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  1. Yeah, shoot him in the leg so he can continue to live and recruit more jihadis in prison. It’s always about strengthening the caliphate — it’s like donating time and money to your executioners.

  2. Two questions;
    Were you there??
    Were you ever confronted by a deranged POS??

    I didn’t think so…..STFU

  3. Patience running thin tonight so I couldn’t watch, but these people are as predictable as the results of a colonoscopy prep. Uncontrollable shitting.

  4. Nope, kill them first ask questions later. The cop is a hero. One less breeder muzzie taking up air and space.

  5. This is the type of Leftist crap that is destroying Fox’ brand by making them virtually unwatchable.
    (With the shining exception of Hannity).

    Fox is a nonstop Lefty pulpit now.

    They’re as unwatchable and Leftist-insane as MSNBC.
    Juan Williams, Geraldo, and the guests are a nonstop parade of shrill Lefties shrieking their talking points.
    I won’t even start on Me-Again Kelly.

    All this opens up an unserved audience for a new true-conservative news network.
    A matter of time.
    I’m looking forward to it.

  6. If you’re going to shoot, shoot to kill.
    (from a cop I knew some years ago)

    A one-sided argument is easier to win.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Unless you’re a trained sniper, aim for center mass, and keep firing until they go down. Anything else can get you killed. Leave the trick shots for the rodeo stars.

  8. She looks like she’s (That’s a “she,” right?) deepy inhaling her Rueben sandwich Bronx Cheer. And enjoying it rather immensely I might add. 💩

  9. I am still in mourning for allahu agkbar durka durka durka. Ohio State was so mean to him regarding his need to have a special place to pray five times a day, without a chunk of special carpet facing Mecca throughout campus.

    Remember what our president told us. The Islamic call to prayer is the most beautiful sound in the world.
    Until he became friendly with those smut merchants
    Jay-Z and BedBathandBeyonce

  10. We had a mass shooting at Fairchild Air Force Base just outside of Spokane where an Armed military policeman took down a deranged Airman who had already killed about 5 or 6 people just outside the base hospital by drawing his 9 mm pistol and shooting the bastard right through the middle of his forehead from about 100 yds. away, it was an incredible shot and saved a lot of lives including one of my friends (his daughter was my daughter’s best friend when they were younger) who was shot in the shoulder by this bastard. That was also the same weekend in May when an idiot B-52 pilot tried to do aerobatics by pulling the plane straight up only to come straight back down into the ground making a hell of an of an explosion, I could see the huge fireball and black cloud from 20 miles away when it crashed because it was due West of me. It was hell of a lousy weekend and it was also the weekend of the annual air show which they obviously cancelled.

  11. Nomiki is an idiot–I have actually written to FOX (exercise in futility) about what an idiot she is. Between her incoherent thoughts and her voice–I change the channel if she is on and I barely watch FOX anymore.

  12. Shooting to wound is pure holliwood trash. Hopalong Cassidy and Roy Rogers stuff. That these idiots are on the air and in our living rooms is laughable.

  13. Only people who’ve never shot guns could say the dumbass stuff that liberals say about guns. They never understand that you’re trained to shoot center mass, and fire until there’s no longer a perceived threat. Cannot believe she actually said, “knock him down.” Holy hell, these folks are stupid. In addition to not understanding guns, they don’t understand knives, as well.

  14. gun control = being able to hit your target

    & I admire the policeman’s restraint; it’s not like he unloaded the whole mag on the muzzloid … sheesh

  15. I love how the lefties think that all law enforcement officers should be able to shoot like Annie Oakley, and “wound them in their leg” or “shoot the weapon out of the attacker’s hand!” 🙂

  16. No offense to Hoppy, Lucky, Gabby, Roy and Dale, and trigger. It was great childhood entertainment. Hoppy always managed to “wing” the bad guy or shoot the gun out of his hand, sometimes two or three at the time. No problem. (Certer mass baby, bangbang BANG)
    I agree with Corky, Nimiki Korst is a dunce.
    Rufus T. Tucker Carlson is the only FOX I watch anymore.

  17. There needs to be a serious conservative TV channel, dedicated to educating people about the data supported facts. One program could be the John Lott show. This channel should also include a regular program about human psychology. How many in our American population know what a sociopath; a psychopath; or a narcissist really is, and how to spot them? The libs are either completely missing the boat on these topics, or trying to cover their own tracks. That car/knife attacker was irredeemable as a human being, and needed to be put down, for the greater good. The police hero who shot him dead, made the world a better place for us all.

  18. I can understand why one could think disarming a knife wielding man is easy because works every time on TV and Movies. If some caring person could take her to a gun range, create a full body target and get her to practice some gun control. Also with rubber gun have someone charge her with a plastic knife to show reflex response time. If it works we get another girl shooting on the range.

  19. @Geoff the Aardvark: I remember reading about that Fairchild shooting and being amazed at the SP’s long range shot. I was trained on that Beretta M9 at the time, and knew I couldn’t have made that shot; I’m not that good (with a pistol).

  20. When some Moslem is trying for Suicide by Cop by slashing people and yelling Aloha Snackbar, now why would we want to “knock him down” or “shoot him in the leg” instead of finishing the job?

  21. I find these arguments on FOX News infuriating. Two jack asses screaming over the top of each other is not enjoyable or educational. Plus I hate every female on that panel especially Dana. That turn coat Beck hypnotized bitch. There’s a bazillion women that would better serve the NRA. Seen her shoot on an episode of Uncle Teds show. She sucked.

  22. its called “lethal force”. LEO have pepper spray and what not but when they go for their firearm it is “lethal force”. This woman is an idiot!

  23. I see the wild wild west starting here in naples, fl …i need a mad max mobile for the roads and a gun and pepperspray for the creeps seeping their way in. The somali deserved every bullet he ate. Moe Tom I’m still looking for the bill oreilly video

  24. Actually, I remember seeing a LEO shoot the guns out of the hands of six attackers.

    They called him the Waco Kid.

  25. Somalians…black hawk down….americans in helicopter shot down trying to save the americans bringing food to starving people…. americans dragged through streets after attack …. it’s in his dna to be a knife weilding savage

  26. that broad on the left, is that Elaine Benes from Seinfeld? Where the fuck is her Urban Sombrero?

  27. How pro survive a knife assault: Draw your weapon and empty the magazine into the center mass of the knife holder, when magazine is empty, reload immediately, check your target. If still standing, empty the second magazine, reload, check the target, repeat as often as needed.

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