Leftist Teacher Upset Parents Can See His Indoctrination of Children

He speaks for the left when he bitches that parents, because of Covid, can see his indoctrination sessions of his students.

Red State-

Leftist teachers aren’t happy that you can now hear them programming your child with social justice ideology.

The left owns our public education system due to years of infiltration, coercion, and strong-arming. They’ve apparently become so comfortable and cocky in the position that they’re now openly complaining that you’ll now be able to hear their attempts at brainwashing your children.

Apparently, you being involved in what your child learns bothers these teachers.

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh screen-capped the tweets of educator and author Matthew R. Kay who has since switched his Twitter account to “protected” after his tweets began to circulate. Kay goes on a multi-tweet rant about how parents can now sit in on virtual classes thanks to rules put in place by districts reacting to COVID-19.

Kay openly hates the idea that his brainwashing on social justice and racial matters can now be overheard by the parents, which violates the “secure barriers” and “what happens here stays here” mentality provided by the physical barriers of actual classrooms.

He goes on to say that while conservative parents are definitely the biggest problem, he’s also concerned about leftist parents who might not see eye to eye with his attempts at guiding his students towards his way of looking at racism and homophobia.


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  1. For this very reason, it would be stupid to let public schools back in session. Refund the money to the parents and make them responsible for their kids education. I’m surprised it’s taken this long for a communists light to go on

  2. This will come as something of a shock to many parents who think they’ve done a better-than-average job making sure their kids have their lunch money and are at the bus stop on time every school day. And back in the good old days this would be true. It’s sad that one of childhood’s primary tasks, learning, has been violated just as surely as if they’d been trafficked. Raping a child’s mind with the filth of inappropriate subjects and preying on their vulnerability *as children* is just as reprehensible. These sorry excuses for “teachers” are grooming our kids for a life of low achievement and putting them at a higher risk of lives filled with dissatisfaction, chronic anger, blind arrogance, and estrangement from their families. In short: inculcated mental illness.

  3. Just about any other time in our history I’d be sorry to say this, and despite the hardships placed on parents of school age children, the silver lining outweighs those hardships. It’s time for complacent parents to get an eye full and an ear full of what, exactly, their kids are being taught, and for parents to be more involved in it. The “black community” isn’t the only cohort in this country whose schools suck.

  4. Why are these PIGS afraid of transparency ?

    You know

    The transparency that Ho’bama promised
    and NEVER delivered

  5. If you love your children, don’t allow them to attend public schools.

    There are alternatives available, at least for now, even if you have to make a few personal sacrifices to educate them somewhere else.

  6. If you love your children don’t allow them to attend public schools.

    There are alternatives available, at least for now, even if you have to make a few personal sacrifices to educate them elsewhere.

  7. Just refunding tax dollars is putting the cart 10 miles ahead of the horse. It’s a ridiculous premise.

    And who gets the refund? Inner city parents for the most part aren’t property owners so there’s be no tax dollars to refund.

    And then what are they going to do with it? The few charter schools already set up have waiting lists around the block.

    In CO, we tried 3 times, with slightly different wording, to allow the cost of 1 child’s education, to be used at the parent’s discretion. Every one of those initiatives never even claimed that entire allocation away from the public schools leaving anywhere from 20-50% of the cost of 1 child’s education in the hands of the public schools for AN EMPTY SEAT.

    The point is had any of those initiatives passed, there would have been enough lead time for a 1,000 flowers to bloom. Real competition in education. Ready to accept the expected onslaught of applications. The teacher’s unions knew this and millions poured in nationally, every time, to slander and misrepresent vouchers.

    I was talking to a liberal friend at the time(who since I have turned into a solid Trump supporter!) who tried to make the argument that vouchers would take money out of the public schools and to a point she’s correct but I explained it was education money and would be spend educating.

    I said if you wanted to send your child to a charter school focusing on wiccan theory, fine, let me have the option to send mine to a science orientated school or a tech school.

    First things first. Refunding tax dollars is not the place to start. Sounds good but it’s impractical.

  8. There have been reports out now for a while about parents pooling their resources, determining curriculum, and hiring tudors/teachers, that would like to have their tax dollars back to help pay for their kids education.

  9. Parents who truly love their kids DON’T send them to public schools!
    They find an alternative, regardless of the cost or sacrifice.

  10. C’mon man!

    These “parents” and their “parents” were indoctrinated in the same schools!
    The “parents” apathy and complacency will absolutely guarantee that these maggots (who are still getting paid for NOT doing their jobs!) will continue to prey (both physically and metaphysically) upon their children.

    They’ll mutter “I had no idea …” then fall back into their deep sleep.

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. Any school that is going to take tax dollars will be have to be certified by the state(at least that’s the way it was in CO) so pooling the state allocation will not get around that.

    Home schooling is another thing but that’s an intensive time investment that a lot of families can’t manage.

    I’m not much of a big government fan but making sure a charter school meets a variety of thresh holds makes sense to me otherwise sure as shit, you’re going to have fly by nighters that are either going to take the money and run or woefully educate out kids and there’s more than enough of that now.

  12. These assholes were carefully screened. They provided the kind of answers that the other assholes doing the interviews wanted to hear.

  13. It is always a parents responsibility to know to what
    teachings and sources of information their child is
    subjected and to correct the problems in every way
    possible. You see their jobless failures to do so rioting
    in the streets.

  14. Would you allow any one off the street to teach? Would you require the building you’re operating to meet some minimal safety steps like lighted exit signage? Class size specs? Co-ed? District size? Curriculum? Insurance requirements? Properly zoned location?

    There are so many basic requirements that I can see that I’d want to know were covered before I’d send my child there that only a government entity can do that.

    Kinda like building inspectors. I know from dealing with them they’re a royal pain in the ass but the fact is, once they sign off, it’s their ass. Getting a permit and then inspected/passed makes them liable. The same would be true of a certified charter school.

  15. How many teachers have lost their jobs for saying they support the president or for speaking against BLM?

    Doubt this guy will lose his. He’s on the their team

  16. One thing that I know – the left believes that your children are not yours. They belong to the state and they will not let them go without a fight. We must fight them.

    If taking away their money hurts them, then do it. Nationwide vouchers must be the focus of Betsy DeVos and President Trump. They need our support and encouragement (we must demand it) to make this happen.

  17. DeVos has been a huge proponent of vouchers for many years. While the Dept/Education must be one of the most far left staffed institutions in in DC, I’m sure upper lever management was filled with people of DeVos’s mindset.

    It’s been almost 4 years. Where’s the vouchers? Fact is every proposal is fought tooth and nail and any thing challenging the teacher’s unions is immediately sued.

    It just took almost 3 years to get a ruling on a tiny case in MT-https://www.chalkbeat.org/2020/6/30/21308198/supreme-court-espinoza-montana-case-vouchers-victory-devos

    It’s not anywhere sweeping, it affects a snall community(in comparison) and it took years. That’s the kind of shit we’re up against.

    You have to remove the funding for these groups and closing the Dept/Education is a good second step. The great 1st was making teacher’s unions dues voluntary. Now forbid government unions the ability to strike or to contribute to political campaigns.

  18. Two doors down from me is a family who homeschooled their two sons. These two young men are very impressive intellectually and morally. I have no doubts that they both will do very well in life because they were saved from the public education system.

  19. “Give me a child from birth to seven, and I’ll give you a lifelong Communist.”

    Hitler Youth
    Young Pioneers
    Mandatory Indoctrination Centers Posing as Public Schools

    The totalitarians understand – WE don’t.
    Most think of them as State-Run Baby-Sitting.

    izlamo delenda est …


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