Leftist Triggered by Maga Hat Says We Should All Trust emotions Not Facts

I’m praying this is parody, a set up, a hoax. If not, we can end the dream of trying to win over the left with logic. It’s futile.

We have to concentrate on, and win, the squishy middle.

See the frightening video HERE

ht/ c. steven tucker

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  1. That is real. I don’t think it’s just emotion. It’s symbolism. Libtards are like one celled creatures that have learned to act in unison paying attention only to visuals and absolutely no audio. Libtards are a murmuration.

  2. I just had to swallowed a bit of VOMIT that vid produced.

    Paging Sinead…

    Since they are now comparing hats, how many murders are committed by MAGA hat wearing people compared to the amount of Democrat KKK hoods? I’ll wait…cricket.

    I have one in both red and white. The WHITE one, hi ho silver, we bought in Trump Tower on 58th street weeks after the election and the red one in front of the National Archives in DJT POTUS first year in DC, BOUGHT from a black dude vendor for twenty bucks. Well worth it.

    Logic? We don’t need no stinking LOGIC, REASON OR CRITICAL THINKING.


  3. If you’ve seen the latest goof on Crowder’s Change my mind, nothing is impossible at this point – Goofs looking for somewhere to cry.

  4. “win over the left with logic” What???

    You can NEVER use logic to change a person’s mind from a position that was not arrived at with logic.

  5. When the hell has logic ever worked on the left? Hahahaha! Never gonna’ happen.

    What you do is trick them.

    The left has tricked them into believing what they believe. I do the same. Manipulate, coerce, whatever it takes. The only difference is our side has the unique benefit of being based in reality.

    Logic with these people?


  6. Joe6 has it right, unfortunately. There’s a generation (or two) who are so brainwashed/indoctrinated, they don’t question anything the Left cooks up. How does one explain thousands of women, and not a few men among them, knitting pussyhats, for crying out loud?

    I do hope that POTUS Trump’s reversal on transgenders in the military is the start of reversing the insanity of the obama years.

  7. A pussy hat slides onto that shaved head like an oversized condom.

    Am I not allowed to be triggered by a (perhaps) woman with a shaved and tattooed head?
    She should find another shaved head woman and put their heads together to make an ass of themselves.

  8. I’ve read Scott Adams, where he’s written that many people make decisions and form opinions based on emotions. They then rationalize that emotional view that and believe they have operated based upon reason and sound judgement. Skillful people can manipulate others through such mecnanizations. NLP for instance.
    Emotions are real, and everyone has them. But unfortunately they aren’t uniform to all. And they don’t necessarily require response, though analysis of them can be educating. The scary thing is that people like her think their emotions, or ‘feelings,’ are the only valid form and should be agreed upon by everyone else. They have to be, or their foundation is shaken and they feel threatened. My goodness, she is scared of a hat. Next month it will be the color red.

  9. @ Toby Miles – with all due respect? EFF Adams he threw the Covington Catholic White MAGA Boys under the bus. Again EEF.HIM.

    I HOPE he is on the list to get SUED.

    Has he ‘apologized’ yet.. Again, EFF OFF to all of them I am so sick (COLD ANGER) of how this as gone DOWN.

  10. @ toby miles – Adams made a decision BASED on emotion did he not?

    I saw what we all did and said to self, SOMETHING AIN’T RIGHT HERE.

    No, next month will be WHITE. A WHITE MAGA hat. THAT would have been worse than RED.

  11. She cut off her beautiful hair that
    GOD gave her.Now she looks like a freak.
    Satan is in the house !

  12. “……that hat”. Well shit.

    If they are afraid of “that hat” we have a weapon. Blanket their neighborhoods with “that hat”. Buy as many as you can.

    “That hat” curtains, posters, billboards, sidewalk art, blanket the USA. They’ll cower in their little ‘snowflake’ fiefdoms in fear and starve to death.

  13. ghost- “…Has he ‘apologized’ yet…”
    yes, he has. On Jan. 20
    As far as what he based his opinion on, I don’t know. Other than the cartoon, I don’t usually read his blog. Right now, I’m listening to the above podcast, which is a first. I didn’t read anything from him that condemned the Covington kids, but it seems like he did so. He, like many were operating on minimal information. I don’t know, he at least apologized, and in depth. He is explaining, in depth, why he believes the kids did nothing wrong.
    He’s OK with me

  14. …nothing new, we’ve been here before, look at the last verse for the logical conclusion…

    ‘I bring love to give you solace
    In the darkness of the night
    In the Heart’s eternal light
    You need only trust your feelings
    Only Love can steer you right’

    ‘I bring laughter, I bring Music,
    I bring joy and I bring Tears
    I will soothe your primal fears
    Throw off those chains of Reason
    And your prison disappears’

    The cities were abandoned
    And the forests echoed song
    They danced and lived as brothers
    They knew Love could not be wrong

    Food and wine they had aplenty
    And they slept beneath the stars
    The people were contented
    And the Gods watched from afar

    But the winter fell upon them
    And it caught them unprepared
    Bringing wolves and cold starvation
    And the hearts of men despaired…”

    -Rush, “Hemispheres”, Cygnus X-1

  15. @ Toby – Fine. Apologies, when genuine, are nice, BUT he contributed to the damage which cannot be undone.

    Please, don’t give him the traffic. I listened to the posted link for what I could sounded like a weasel.

    I’ll stick with REAL consistent hammers like Levin and others, not WOBBLERS. He is a Johnny CUM late-ly. He took all the support for MAGA and through the Catholic boys out with the baby water.

    Battle Lines must be drawn, with accuracy.

  16. The Bible has something to say about following your emotions…

    “12 There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

    13 Even in laughter the heart is sorrowful; and the end of that mirth is heaviness.

    14 The backslider in heart shall be filled with his own ways: and a good man shall be satisfied from himself.

    15 The simple believeth every word: but the prudent man looketh well to his going.

    16 A wise man feareth, and departeth from evil: but the fool rageth, and is confident.”

    Proverbs 14:12-16

    …evidently, Solomon had to deal with Democrats, too…

  17. I would hate to have to shoot a woman like her. She seems very weak…a crying crybaby woman full of fear.

    But if there is a civil war, and she is dumb enough to make herself a target, I would shoot her. The liberal nonsense gets worse every day, and its fueled by women like her and their less than manly male buddies. Bullets will probably be the only way to stop it.

  18. @ghost- I think his apology is genuine. He presents as being embarrassed.
    Initially I was just pointing out his opinion on how a lot of people form their opinions or decisions. And I think that has a lot of merit. I try to remember it when I’m in a situation similar to the posted video.
    He has a lot of good points but I guess one should carefully consider what they hear or read. As should be done with all.

  19. Shave your head.
    Tattoo it.
    Run around quoting Gidget Cortez.

    Ugly, dumb and stupid is no way to live your life.

    These people want to go off a cliff. We cant let them take us with them.

  20. The lesson here is do not try to have a logical, cogent conversation with a Leftist freak!
    It ain’t gonna happen!
    One look at this and and you immediately understand that CNN and democRATs know exactly who they’re pandering to and why they can get away with the lies.

  21. Someone should have pointed out that she is a skinhead, tat and all, and that skinheads are racist to the max.

  22. My MAGA hat is pink and I wear it all the time around Jax, FL – I have never had one single person say anything adverse about it.

  23. I know this thread isn’t about Scott Adams, but my strong advice is don’t trust him.

    In the ’16 primary season, he catapulted himself back into the public square by cleverly writing (in a very contrived way) about “The Power of Persuasion” and his take on D.J. Trump. What he wrote was only a big surprise for people who are generally incurious and couldn’t read anything about the candidate for themselves. Adams tried to avoid any ‘hard feelings’ by anyone by his constant (and mewling)declaration that he had no opinion about any of the candidates’ political views; that he was merely acting the wise sage on Trump’s ability to persuade.

    He’s a disingenuous, opportunistic snake. If you think about it at all, how could anyone — any mildly informed conservative — take CNN, of ALL “news” — and just run with it, unquestioned?

    Look, I don’t care if anyone wants to exploit the situation on the ground for their own economic gain — that’s what capitalism is all about, but to pile on something as potentially dangerous to the lives of these Covington boys and their families, well, that’s not capitalism, that’s reckless endangerment. Mewling ‘fraidy-cat, Scott Adams can rot in hell. Him and his little dog, Dogbert.

    Believe me when I say that if it didn’t seem likely he would suffer economic damage to his bank account, there would be no apology.

    I don’t want to hear about how “he’s one of us.” He’s not.

    That’s my opinion of Scott Adams.


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