Leftist Violence is a Myth

I love how the leftist coward, beating on a smaller guy, uninterested in fighting, calls him a c*nt.

Doesn’t that violate some leftist “ism” of some sort?

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  1. When it comes to dishing it out, they’re violent opportunists, when it comes to taking it, they’re quivering snowflakes.

  2. He didn’t even knock him down!!! lol. My 13 year old daughter hits harder than that!!! Dude is probably on the phone with his mom complaining about a hurt paw. I think the little guy could have taken him.

  3. Well, “our” guy was RIGHT in his face and blocking. Pretty much their usual tactic for generating a video sympathetic to their cause. I award you no points, we are all dumber for seeing this, and may God have mercy on his soul.

  4. I was an undergrad when the vicious Mario Savio and his F. U. C. K. thugs were beating up America lovers at S Gate! The America hating press called Mario and his goons “Peaceful” protesters!(Im old enough to know that America has been hated by The Press/MSM for over 70 yers!)

    I am sure the MSM will describe these America haters as “peaceful activists”!

  5. This right here is all anyone needs to make an accurate assessment of the Utopian stateists sincerity when making their case for firearm control/confiscation. What motivates them is that there is nothing standing in the way of them imposing their will by force over every aspect of everyone’s life except The Right To Keep and Bear Arms.

  6. Our guy = the smaller / conservative guy
    He really initiated contact, looks like it was to provoke the aggression, which is the kind of crappy behavior we expect from libtards. All right, I’ll give him a point for commitment.

  7. Alex Treb, He was there recruiting and talking to people. There is nothing there that looks like he was trying to provoke aggression from that douche. Unless you believe that speaking to someone with a disagreeing opinion is an act of aggression.

  8. So our side doesn’t get credit for taking punches, and not responding, and are to blame for not shrinking from controversial encounters? I wish that kid would have hit back with all his might even if he didn’t win.
    All he did was take punches from a bully.

  9. Yep. Total leftist stalking and aggression. Just like the Bernie Sanders supporter that hunted down republicans on a baseball field, shooting congressman Steve Scalise nearly to death.

  10. I hate seeing confrontations like that. The guy in black was in close with his hands down. The little guy had his hands up, but he moved backwards. He should’ve stepped forward and dropped his forearm face level and knocked that ass clown out cold.

    If he is on Hannity‘s show right now, hopefully Sean will tell him the same thing. Never step backwards. Step forward and strike.

  11. This is all of Twatter today. And the usual suspects are condemning it. All good conservatives. So I’ve made several comments basically saying “I’m sick to death of watching conservatives get their asses kicked by pansies. WTF. Do Conservatives lack toxic masculinity.’

    In just about every case or comment, someones answered me back, he did exactly the right thing, remain non violent and take it like a man.
    I’ve decide I’m an atypical conservative. If that happened to me, with what in reality is some light weight that doesn’t know how to fight, he still be in surgery in an attempt to remove his head out of his ass. We gotta start fighting back.

  12. Bad brad. Exactly.

    We would be having a three legged race to the hospital to get my foot surgically removed from his ass.

  13. Read some of the comments praising the fartknocker, I guess toxic masculinity is ok after all, just depends on you politics.
    Double standards, the only standards “liberals” are capable of.

  14. Mohammed’s pink swastika

    Freaken little arm puncher (throwing off his back foot and not body rotation, it’s a slap with a closed fist). Probably learned from a couple Antifa self defense classes.
    If this battle ever goes to the streets, we’re fucked. The majority of Conservatives are pacifist pussies. There, I said it.

  15. Roid rage plus TDS is a terrible thing to waste…

    IF you have younger troops, I do, or grand troops you had better teach them to ‘put up their dukes’!

  16. “Roid rage”


    If I was stand next to that guy you’d paint my ass green and call me the hulk. And no, never touched the stuff.

  17. @ BB – did not say YOU or anyone would do this, PUNCH someone in the face, just pointed out the OBVIOUS.

    He was quite UPSET.

    Paaalease paint your face before your ASSSSS! It’s more fashionable these days for Hulk History Month.

    IF not on roids he IS on something.

  18. ghost of brig gen j glover

    He’s a militant Libtard that does go the gym. Seen them. I know them.
    He work out in his street clothes. His average lift last 15 minutes. He trains biceps and back. He won’t even approach the squat rack. He has no friends at the gym, and talks to no one, because he’s scared shitless of the big guys. He watched a couple bad ass women train and realized he wasn’t half the woman the were. But he found a guy he thought was an easy victim on Bezerklies campus. He’s a coward. And cowards NEED to be dealt with.

    ““I won’t be wronged. I won’t be insulted. I won’t be laid a-hand on. I don’t do these things to other people, and I require the same from them.”

    Maybe a dumb ass movie, but words to live by.

  19. @ BB – I watched the vid again. Still does not change my mind but I have the following to add:

    The perp is dressed in ALL black, is ALL white is carrying a black back pack with no markings on a Leftist Campus?

    All the marks of Antifa. Drug enfueled.

    I trust you on the gym and workout and respect you for that.

  20. .45-70

    O.K. buddy, point me in the right direction. I google Op 530, nada. Where do I need to go? You have my attention.

  21. @ BB – thought the same thing?!

    I thought it was some secret IOTW code…Unleash the hounds!

    Just sitting here having my milk and cookies.

    You are Cali so good night!

  22. Operation 530 – i read this somewhere a while back. (I’ve tried to find it again)

    You’ve made the observation (correctly) that only 3% fought for the Revolution. Many still wanted to be ruled by a King.

    In essence – The United States is an experment like no other government, but once a majority of the people realize they can vote themselves benefits from the public treasury, we’re toast.
    The opposition becomes bolder every day theres no consequences or push back.

    Blood is going to be shed. When? Who knows? But it’s coming.

    And a lone wolf scenario won’t work. Op 530 essentially is if 5 million patriots (1.5%) were responsible to take care of 30 enemy….that’s the half that’s trying to tear our country apart.

    How does a person decide who the ‘bad guys’ are? I dunno.

    But voting is corrupt, justice is corrupt, politicians are corrupt, universities are corrupt, stock market is corrupt. We are slowly bleeding to death.

    The ‘preppers’ are worried about the SHTF. It won’t come as a big plop, but a continuous drip, drip, drip.

    As we are now…thete’s no point in even trying to talk to a leftist…there never will be when both sides think the other is satan.

    The world is going to burn…

  23. .45-70

    Totally agree. And good people will die. How do we tell the bad guys from the good guys? Eventually by battle lines. Did you see this week where several thousand new “Hate Groups” were identified? They are Militias. I could talk to you about this for days. Keep the faith.

    PS, I worry about Black Conservatives when the inevitable happens.

  24. In the Civil War…there were battlelines between armies. Armies compromised of states.

    This time there will not be such a distinction. It may he your neighbor or a relative. It will be guerilla warfare.

  25. 45 70. To a point I agree. However, NorCal will be controlled by Patriots. Same with Idaho, Wyoming, most of Montana, most of AZ. You get my point. It may very well boil down to heavily populated areas vs rural areas.


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