Leftists Are Angered – Trump is Appropriating the Term “Witch Hunt”!!

This might be the stupidest thing  you see all day about leftists. But it’s only 1PM.

How about letting us call it whatever the f&*# we want? I’m not letting some neckless, chinless fruit with a struggle beard dictate what I call the actions of people who are trying to dig up something to be angry about.

By definition they are using the term “witch hunt” in its proper context. No one is appropriating anything, you don’t own words. Run along now and go f*ck yourself.
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    As the acknowledged owner of the world I am suing you for failing to provide a safe and SANE environment for it’s inhabitants. Fires, floods, invading hordes, rigged elections, crooked judges, fake science, lying newsmedia, perversion everywhere, and the total destruction of FREEDOM are just a few of your crimes. By definition you are a slum lord.
    I am suing you for $1 TRILLION for each of the only honest and sane people left. That would be me, myself and I. I suggest you settle out of court and save yourself a humiliating defeat.
    If $3 Trillion dollars, (NO Bitcoin), is not deposited by midnite tonight in my “entertainment” account, a Robert Mueller goon squad will roust you out of bed at 2 AM while your in your pjs.
    Time’s a’wasting. Tick tock.

  2. Dakota sports the most punchable face I’ve seen in quite a while, but I was taught not to hit a woman.

    Lefties get all butt-hurt over us misappropriating “Witch Hunt” in an effort to protect their base.

  3. Wait, that’s a great get rich scheme.
    Sue me for a trillion dollars, then we’ll split it!!!!
    – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

  4. I much prefer the term “Snipe Hunt”. No one has ever caught a snipe. “Leprechaun roundup” implies Lost the same idea. “Wild goose chase” is another. The left does not want evidence, they want a lynching KKK style.

  5. Take femanazis very seriously. They comprise most of the teachers indoctrinating our kids. They should be canned.

  6. “The left needs to be eradicated.”



  7. So if we declare open season again on witches, these people will be…happy? Less pissed off? More confused?

    Just kidding, I don’t want to be turned into a newt again because I just got better.

  8. I didn’t get the hourly updated “pronoun list” so witch list should I use? English is so confusing these days.


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