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Leftists Call For CNN Boycott

Pacific Pundit: No one aside from a handful of leftists and people at airports watches CNN as it is. But apparently, the left is really ticked off now that they think CNN is becoming the new “Fox News” or something. It’s so funny. They really got triggered after Don Lemonhead asked propaganda minister Karine Jean-Pierre if Biden is mentally fit to run again in 2024. Hint to Don Lemon-head. He’s not mentally fit now! Here are some funny left wing meltdowns. Read and laugh at the left: more

11 Comments on Leftists Call For CNN Boycott

  1. CNN True Lies: Leftists – Ya can’t live with ’em and ya can’t kill ’em!

  2. Those tweets are from a bunch of leftist women, a soyboy, and a probable transgender freak. Doesn’t matter at all what their twisted brains think or what their mouths say.

  3. Same reason dems are no longer debating, they can’t defend anything they support and they lose it when they get challenged.

  4. Wow, those comments give some real insight into mankind’s ability to waller in a state of self-pity and delusion.

  5. Your wave claims have all shriveled up just like your teeny tiny coofed dicks. Now it’s a foot race to the finish line.

  6. Shrug. They’ll always have MSNBC and all the rest.

  7. All are examples of why you can’t have any reasonable discussion with the left.

    They are hoarding all the crazy pills, obviously.

  8. There’s always ABC CBS NBC PBS to deliver their daily pablum.

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  10. Lemonhead is so in love with Joe Biden that Lemonhead cannot see any of FJB’s flaws. Like girls in Junior High chasing boys everyone knew was going to turn out to be a lemon.

  11. Anon 2:05 you are crazy in the head… and more!


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