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Leftists Have a Distorted View of Themselves

Wait’ll you see who a leftist calls a Republican.

If ever there was a boilerplate beta lefty, this poofter is it, replete with beard wife.

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  1. Man, that guy was really trying to push his buttoons.

  2. Oh, I see, gonna’ call your buttoon men on me, eh?

  3. There are a lot of forest preserves around me with many bikes riding on them, there is one exception however. The path to ride must be at least 6 feet wide to ride bikes. There’s only 1 preserve where this is applicable, the smallest forest preserve in the county that’s in my backyard and I’m in there walking daily, where the path is at most 4 feet wide. There’s 2 trail heads and both have no bike signs posted.

    Occasionally I see people on their bikes. Never say anything, I really don’t GAF. Except one time. During the height of the coof, this really annoying looking broad brought in her bike with 2 kids in tow on their bikes as well. She had a radio strapped to the handle bars blasting some ghetto shit and was way, way in front of her little kids (probably about 7 or 8 years old each) and paid no attention to these kids running into people and interrupting everyone’s otherwise pleasant walk.

    I met up with her on the other side of the loop and politely said, “Ya know, bikes aren’t allowed here.” To which she snaps, “yes they are!!!” Not looking to escalate the situation I said, “I’m just trying to prevent you from getting a ticket. Be sure to check the signs on the way out.” She goes, “who do you think you are? Bikes are allowed here, I know for a fact, so mind your own damn business.” I had it, “Where are your kids, lady? Yeah, they are a nuisance and you’re a fucking bitch.” All she had was, “fuck you!” as she rides off, still leaving her kids way behind that still hadn’t caught up yet.

    Some people. I’d wager she was a leftard. Never saw her again. Same with 95% of the people that were in the preserve during the coof. Pre-coof I practically owned that preserve, rarely ever saw a person let alone two. Numbers are still dwindling to this day, hoping to make that place all mine once again soon. The dog likes to be off-leash and man oh man do people hate to see an unrestrained pit bull. “That doesn’t make me comfortable” is my favorite. LOL, “Well, I’m not here to make you comfortable.” Funny that, my dog pays attention to no strange human, ever. She’s 110% on deer and rabbit duty, even when a stranger makes a kissing sound to get her attention, to her they don’t exist.

  4. Southside Burrsie
    AT 10:26 PM
    “Oh, I see, gonna’ call your buttoon men on me, eh?”

    THAT’S IT!

    That buttoon in the last thread?

    It summons Batman to return!

  5. So in the case of Obama and Mooch, which is the beard?

  6. Dud was an arrogant little prick, and I mean that figuratively and literally.

  7. I like how marshmallow man stopped the wheelchair guy…but then realized wheelchair guy is pushing a heavy vehicle through the damn forest with his arms and has the upper body strength of an ape…so he steps backs and de-escalates..

  8. Buttoon – Not using his arms, that is an E-Bike. That’s what the arguement was about. Handicapped guy was riding his electric trike on a trail where E-bikes are not allowed.

  9. Oh for the love of…marshmallow man was intimidated by a cyborg?

    At least he could have taunted him with a Stephen Hawkins voice…

    Gah. People suck. On like…lot’s of different levels.

  10. The outside view from the eyes of a demon infested Marxist are distorted by the view of the demons inside.

    Just ask Machete Bitch…

  11. DId you catch his name? Anus Gerbil? they misspelled it

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