Leftists Jeering Trump’s Intention To Pardon Ali, Saying He Doesn’t Require One, Say Nothing About Kamala Harris Calling For Law That Already Exists

Trump indicated that he’d like to give Muhammad Ali a full pardon. Leftists seized on this, calling Trump a dummy because Ali was deemed by the SCOTUS to have done nothing wrong, and Carter pardoned all draft dodgers.

So, goes the thinking, you’re an idiot who should be impeached if you request something that doesn’t need fulfilling.

But that hasn’t stopped the left from thinking Kamala Harris would make a fine president even though she’s called for a law to be passed that is already passed.

As far as I know it’s against the law to murder. And it’s also against the law to legally own a firearm if you’re a domestic batterer. So, shouldn’t harris be impeached before she even runs?

Let’s return to the issue of pardons for a moment.

The left has a problem with Trump’s desire to pardon Muhammad Ali, inarguably a gesture of good will, having his heart in the right place. Yet, they had absolutely no problem with Obama pardoning a FALN terrorist, Oscar Lopez, responsible for 130 domestic bombings and 5 murders?

The left is despicable.

14 Comments on Leftists Jeering Trump’s Intention To Pardon Ali, Saying He Doesn’t Require One, Say Nothing About Kamala Harris Calling For Law That Already Exists

  1. They ca’nt have Trump doing good deeds, what if the Media Ca’nt hide the Truth. Oh and he’s a Black man too !

  2. I’m an Cali FFL and suffered Kami’s hatred. This bitch has no problem re writing laws. Thinks nothing of bending any rule or law to her end goal. She’s a Socialist. She not a Constitutional American. She is our enemy. Probably really good in bed though.

  3. @Brad— meh. Kamala was just ok. I’ve had better.

    But afterwards she did make change for my $20.

  4. If you expect to understand their standards/mores/values vs your standards/mores/values, you will never get through the day!


  5. I continually wonder why Ali, aka Cassius Clay, deserves a pardon?
    he was a tool of Elijah Mohammed, who was the leader of the Nation of Islam (after Elijah had Malcolm X killed), & was worshipped by the demprogs for dodging service in the military … which he did so willingly
    … what is there to pardon? … aside from the fact that he was a very talented boxer & self-promoter

  6. muhammad ali does not deserve a pardon, I can’t believe it is even being considered. He refused to serve in the military because he was a man of peace, but when it came to speaking against the 9-11 attacks he was no where to be seen. I’m a fan of boxing, and I admire his skill and showmanship but I am against that muslim getting a pardon.

  7. Joe6pak,

    Come on man, they don’t call him Cautious Clay for nothing. Was away a Jerry Quarry fan myself.

  8. Jerry Quarry, that poor guy would start bleeding when the bell rang in the first round. He was a mess after a couple of his fights.

  9. joe6pak
    LMAO, shit, I didn’t think anybody here would remember the name. Leave it to you ya bastid. Back in the day my father new him and his trainer. They trained out of a gym in Long Beach and I tagged along several times. Even back when I was six I thought, I can probably kick this guys ass. LOL. Yea, he was a bleeder. But I gotta say, he trainer hard.

  10. I wonder if Kamala has found Maxine’s old play book or is she simply that damn stupid. Don’t answer that. She reminds me of the tin man in Oz who lamented not having a brain. Perhaps she has delusions of grandeur after reading about how she’s a top dimmocrap contender for 2020, assuming she can read.
    Many moons ago there was a wrestler which went by the name of Kamala the giant who came out costumed in a lion skin and carried a spear. Could make for some interesting photoshops.


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