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LeftWing Media Doesn’t Know the Difference Between Doctored and Edited Video

10 Comments on LeftWing Media Doesn’t Know the Difference Between Doctored and Edited Video

  1. Sorry Nancy, vascular dementia is real and hard to hide. Truth may be elusive to you but your life on camera can’t hide it forever.

  2. They prefer to doctor the story first, then they don’t have to worry about the video.

  3. The left wing media is so stupid that they show these videos to people and expect them not to think less of Nancy.

  4. Yer “D” Woid Update:
    Thank yew for posting this.
    I’ve just added “doctored” to my list of other “D” words that democRATs stand for…
    (Gee Wally, no wonder all the other letters are jealous!)
    D(ishonest), D(ildo), D(alliance), D(astardly), D(azed), D(ebacle), D(ebased), D(ebauchery), D(ecadent), D(efective), D(efensive), D(eficient), D(efective), D(eflect), D(eflower), D(eformed), D(efraud,) D(egenerate), D(egrade), D(eign), D(elete), D(eleterious), D(erelict), D(elinquent), D(emagogue), D(emean), D(emented), D(emerit), D(emolish), D(emonic), D(emoralize), D(emote), D(emount), D(enounce), D(epend), D(eplete), D(eplorable), D(epose), D(epraved), D(epressing), D(eprive), D(erail), D(eride), D(erogatory), D(escent), D(esecrate), D(eserter), D(esecrate), D(esensitize), D(esire), D(esperate), D(espicable), D(eteriorate), D(etestable), D(etract), D(evalue), D(based), D(evastate), D(eviant), D(evoid), D(evour), D(iabolical), D(iatribe), D(ictate), D(iddle), D(igress), D(ilatory), D(im), D(iminish), D(imwitted), D(ire), D(irty), D(isappointment), D(ipshit), D(isapproval), D(isarray), D(isaster), D(isbar), D(isclaim), D(iscombobulate), D(iscomfort), D(iscommended), D(iscompose), D(isconnect), D(isconsolate), D(iscord), D(iscourage), D(iscourteous), D(iscrepancy), D(iscreditable), D(isease), D(isenchanted), D(isestablish), D(ysfunctional), D(isgraced), D(isgruntled), D(isguise), D(isgusting), D(ishonest), D(isillusion), D(isingenuous), D(isloyal), D(ismal), D(ismay), D(isorderly), D(isorganized), D(isparity), D(isplace), D(ispute), D(isquiet), D(isrepair), D(isrespect), D(isrepute), D(isrobe), D(isrupt), D(is-satisfactory), D(isseminate), D(issent), D(isservice), D(issident), D(istain), D(istasteful), D(istress), D(istort), D(isturbed), D(isuniting), D(ither), D(ivert), D(ivisive), D(octored), D(odge), D(ooky), D(oleful), D(NA), D(onationions), D(ouble-dealing), D(ouble-crossing), D(ouble-faced), D(ouche Nozzle), or D(ouble-faced douche nozzle), D(owncast), D(ownfall), D(owngrade), D(ownhill), D(redge), D(regs), D(ribble), D(rool), D(umb-ass), D(uplicitous), D(uress), and, of course, D(ickhead).
    If you think of any more, please feel free to add to the list!

  5. @TRF – how about unique combinations of your D-words never before strung together, like:

    Depraved, Dysfunctional, Double-faced Douche nozzle.

    The possible combinations are large and some of them kind of funny.

    A word not in your list: D(ill weed).

  6. … or D(ickweed)

    I will the appropriate additions! Thank you!

  7. If the left didn’t cheat, lie, steal or kill (clinton murders, for one) they’d be nowhere.

  8. Uncle Al – Done!
    (delayed response – I had to leave a while ago)


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