Lefty Claim – 9% of people over 65 have dementia

The claim seems a bit overblown, like the amount of college rapes. One has to ask why the left would make such a claim, and you would get your answer.

They want to take guns away from dementia patients. If successful, expect the definition of dementia to include “right-wing.”

Manufactured crisis alert::::::::::::::::::>>>>

‘I can’t imagine living without guns.’ For some, dementia is forcing that choice.

News Tribune-

With a bullet in her gut, her voice choked with pain, Dee Hill pleaded with the 911 dispatcher for help. “My husband accidentally shot me,” Hill, 75, of The Dalles, Oregon, groaned on the May 16, 2015, call. “In the stomach, and he can’t talk, please …”

Less than 4 feet away, Hill’s husband, Darrell Hill, a former local police chief and two-term county sheriff, sat in his wheelchair with a discharged Glock handgun on the table in front of him, unaware he’d nearly killed his wife of almost 57 years.

The 76-year-old lawman had been diagnosed two years earlier with a form of rapidly progressive dementia, a disease that quickly stripped him of reasoning and memory.

You see where this is going, no? -bfh

From news reports, court records, hospital data and public death records, the investigation found 15 homicides and more than 95 suicides since 2012, although there are likely many more. The shooters often acted during bouts of confusion, paranoia, delusion or aggression — common symptoms of dementia.

They killed people closest to them — their caretaker, wife, son or daughter. They shot at people they happened to encounter — a postal worker, a police officer, a train conductor. At least four men with dementia who brandished guns were fatally shot by police. In cases where charges were brought, many assailants were deemed incompetent to stand trial.


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19 Comments on Lefty Claim – 9% of people over 65 have dementia

  1. WE CAN’T LET THESE OLD BASTARD VOTE EITHER. What the hell? Maybe Clinton is the real president.

  2. @BB – Sad to say but 85 year Mom, not any showing signs of dementia, has a Madam President of Hillary fridge magnet. Says Trumps not her president. So sad, yet says it all about being brainwashed and committed to the MSM and the 2 party system. I love my family but I no longer have anything at all to do in conversations of politics. Fortunately no guns.

  3. Old people don’t get stupid, stupid people get old.
    How many people NOT 65 or older are crazy loons?
    Let’s talk about how many young people are addled with illegal drug use.
    I won’t deny that some elders lose brain function and it’s tragic, but old age isn’t a cause of dementia, addled brain function, or psycho actions.

  4. Oh sure. Paint that picture. Be sure to use the broadest brushes, with primary colors, and hang only those comparatively few lurid images in the smear machine media.

    Progs look for any pretext to diminish the power of people’s experience (and naturally their ability to defy them), especially those who know exactly what those progs are about. This a Hegelian tactic to a tee. They weren’t as successful with the vets. Crazy feministas will drop a domestic charge at the frop of a hat. Now this. And people womder why I keep history books committed to immutable paper.

    @ anonymous 1:34, young people are much more successfully brainwashed of natural rights, drugs or no.

  5. Bring on Dr. Demento. They’re coming to take me away ha hee, ha ho to the funny farm….

  6. 99% of making non-factual comments and self up-voting them is just a sign of insecurity. Waves to Cynic

  7. Just because the left has a plethora of socialist, DEMENTIACRATS, (i.e. Maxine Waters, Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, HRC, Bill Clinton, John McCain, Mitch Watch-Your-Back McConnell, Joe Biden, Jimmy Carter, plus younger but DEMENTIACRAT Infected Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan, and so many other elderly congressional DEMENTIACRATS, plus SCOTUS Judge Ginsburg and of course The Pope), it doesn’t mean ALL elders are afflicted.

  8. If they’d done this survey on federal office holders in DC I think the percentage would have been higher. Highest on the D side of the isle, too, would be where I placed my bet.

    Maybe the 9% number is accurate for the country as a whole. Maybe not. Whatever is the true number, there’s a reason for it. Their brains have a lot of days on them, contaminated from a long life.

    The more interesting question is – why does the percentage of people lacking clear thinking appear to be much higher than 9% among the < 30 y.o. population? Or is that just an old dude perception?

  9. Time-honored socialist tradition: If you don’t believe (fanatically) in socialism, you’re mentally ill or demented.

    In either case, you warrant a complete loss of all civil and political rights, incarceration in the Concentration Camp System, torture (for your own good, of course), and if all that fails to re-construct your thinking, execution.

    Welcome to the Brave New World.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. As someone who works every day with dementia Alzheimer clients. I can speak from experience that those who are suffering from this cognitive impairment should not have access to guns. Family should be the ones to step in and remove the firearms. Not the state. It is not the stat as someone who works every day with dementia Alzheimer clients. I can speak from experience that those who are suffering from this cognitive impairment should not have access to guns. Family should be the ones to step in and remove the firearms. Not the state. The state does not have the authority to come in to a family’s home and remove firearms. Someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s has a caretaker. Whether that caretaker is their wife or children or a business like I own, it can and should be handled by the family.

  11. Both Hillary and Bernie have dementia. Just look at how they act in public. Both are over 65.

  12. Dementia means reduced capacity to reason. While senior citizens may suffer from that the left suffers from delusions.

    The problem with delusional people is that they have full capacity but no logic or reason. Quite honestly, I am more afraid of delusional lefties than I am dementia ridden seniors.

  13. I see alcoholism, a disease that also quickly strips individuals of reasoning and memory, as a much bigger problem.

    But taking a look at Nanny Pelousy and McLame, I can’t entirely disagree either….

  14. Age was once associated with wisdom. Now, it means you’re insane – but only if you disagree with progressive ideology.


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