10 Comments on Leftynomics

  1. A fine example of what I now call “Ferguson Rioter Logic Deficit Syndrome.”

    Example: “I’m gonna torch that CVS drugstore on the corner, which provides many necessities of daily living, as well as jobs, to my community. That oughtta stick it to whitey.”

  2. …but then also b!tch ‘n’ moan
    (and blame whitey) afterwards
    because the business isn’t there
    (or won’t re-build) anymore….

  3. You can call it leftwing, socialism, liberalism or any other polite name. It all leads to communism. Just look closer. You can smell their communist stink everywhere, from the white hut on down. KGB, NSA all the same. Blackmailing, murders etc… it’s all there.

  4. I like this old fart 😉

    I hope he beats Klinton in the primaries so we watch the electoral map glow bright red on election night….PArty like it’s 1980 all over again!

  5. Didn’t someone here write about stopping China imports. Maybe that person should vote for this guy.

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