Legislation to Make Cali a Sanctuary State Moves Forward

Senate Bill 54, that would prevent all California law enforcers from cooperating with immigration authorities has moved out of committee. The bill would also prevent violent illegal alien criminals (i.e. gang members) from being passed to ICE when their sentence has been served in CA prison.

Those state senators supporting the Sanctuary State bill claim it will actually be good for law enforcement and that they must pass it into law in order to send a message to the rest of the nation.


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  1. Grandstanding for their Illegals base.
    Mass deportation and self deportations will eliminate their constituency.

    I expect a lot of these La Raza politicos are actively beholden to The Cartels.
    The DoJ gang battle needs to prioritize jailing their corrupt bought politicians.

    Duterte may be crazy, but he’s succeeding.

  2. Do not recall source from a few days ago, but there is talk of a change to Federal law allowing victims to sue gummit officials who are responsible for interfering with the deportation of illegals who harm legals. So the Governor signs this bill? He becomes liable when a drunk illegal t bones you.

  3. All immigration criminals are also identity thieves when they use other people’s Social(ist) Security Number, driver license number, birth certificate, etc. Will this bill decriminalize THAT? Send your LifeLock bill to Sacramento.

  4. well, if a State and as such it’s occupants can choose which Federal Laws to obey and which to not, why can’t I chose which Federal Taxes I want to pay or better yet, which State taxes to pay or not to pay? If you are going to be such a self-absorbed LIBTARD to think you are above laws, why not go all in and just pick and chose what you like? (ie. Kamala Harris)

  5. Txn4Evr, you might want to think twice about that earthquake. Picture rats and a sinking ship. They are going to escape to somewhere.

  6. Imagine being a cop in CA. You break the law no matter what you do, either state or federal. Do you still want to be a cop in CA? I think a lot will quit – and that’s how you get Chicago, and Baltimore.

  7. All illegal aliens will go to California and the weight will cause it to slip into the ocean.

  8. The “old” and no longer true saying; So goes California, so goes the Nation.

    The message California sends the rest of the Nation is we’re Schizophrenic, don’t follow us.

  9. Several Northern County Sheriffs are saying they will not comply with the law. Including ours. Our District Attorney and our Sheriff testified in front of our law makers yesterday and both were ridiculed by Mr. Ghost Gun Kevin De León. The same guy that said most of his relatives were illegal and had to steal people identities to survive.

  10. P.S.

    I chew Copenhagen. When I started it was .89 cents a can. They keep throwing taxes on tobacco at an amazing rate. I’ve been paying $6.10 a can for a couple years now. Well today it jumped to $8.14 a can. All tax. I’m pissed.

  11. Having lived in California for several years I saw the beauty of the mountains and the sea shore. The tree’s and national parks and people I met were wonderful. It’s just this state has been overrun with liberals and illegals. I don’t was Cali to slip into the ocean, I (we) the people want our beautiful west coast back.
    I say it is time we take California back. It’s ours, not Mexico or China’s. Or dipshit hollywood types or douche nozzle computer folks.
    Time to take the trash out, clean up the state and for heavens sake stop worrying about the snail darter. Lets feed some people. The high speed train to nothing needs to be canned as well.

  12. The Californicator voters were dumb enough to elect Mexicans to public office I guess they can put up with all their illegal alien relatives too!

  13. My husband dispatches for a large Bay Area city and came home furious a couple of nights ago because they were ordered that if ICE calls them for assistance, the call takers are to forward the call to a dispatch supervisor where it will get dumped and no assistance given. Disgusting.

  14. Criminal lawmakers, living in gated and guarded communities, and probably armed have declared war on the citizens of CA.

    Time to kick them out, if there are any sane CA citizens left. Your government is living high, as they destroy you.

  15. Upon adoption of their separatist and declaration of right to rule contrary to federal law,
    The state of California should suffer
    absolute denial of Federal funds for anything
    until they start applying Federal law within their state.

    Non comprende ?
    Non compli ?

    NO MONEY !

    It’s time those leftist pigs started
    paying their own way .

  16. Kevin de Leon is a traitor. A whore for illegal aliens so that he can get their illegal vote later. He is an evil person, He is not a fellow American. He should be stripped of his citizenship (if he is even one).

    I pray for his removal from office in disgrace.

  17. I’d like to put billboard signs in every state that welcomes all illegals to inhabit California and collect as many benefits that they can steal.

    ….then fence the fucking place off like the movie Escape from California.., er, I mean New York.


    Did you hear Stockton was going to start paying gang bangers not to shoot each other? It’s true

  19. My preference?

    You show your friends your 1911’s, you show your enemies your Glock. Not that I would not go into battle with a 1911.
    Mid Range, AR15 in Blackout. Nothing will make it up your driveway. The Marines that guard our embassies are armed with Black Out guns.
    1000 yards out, Creedmoor.
    That’s just me. You’ll find more that disagree with me than agree.

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