Leigh Scott THEORY on why George Bush attacked Donald Trump

And the theory BRILLIANTLY connects the Kennedy report…to the Bush’s. READ why George Bush attacked President Trump HERE

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24 Comments on Leigh Scott THEORY on why George Bush attacked Donald Trump

  1. “Personal and embarrassing details about Jacqueline Kennedy and her drug use and sex life.”

    Wow. I thought she was the only normal one out of the clan.
    Well, what’s good for the goose…

  2. Interesting theory. And definitely suspect timing. Particularly when you stop and think Obama blamed Bush for everything under the sun for 8 years and Bush never said shit. I’m not buying the reasoning though. Hell we all already knew our Government is inept. There would need to be something much larger in that report.

  3. These are very thin skinned people all concerned about their legacies and easily offended. Yeah I believe there’s something to it. It’s a house of cards they’ve been propping up for 60 years. If not why did bush sr make it secret for 28 years?

  4. I’m willing to bet a solid nickel the Deep State will manage to get the agencies to “lose” the most damaging of documents, where they will be archived with Hillary’s 30,000 e-mails of correspondence detailing the corrupt Uranium One deal.

  5. I hadn’t made the Dubya comments connection, but discussing the JFK files release yesterday, I commented we may finally find out about GHWB’s involvement in JFK’s death.

    Scott’s brief timeline makes perfect sense to me.

  6. Soooo … to convince President Trump to NOT release the info W. insults him?

    He was willing to let Americans be killed in Iraq for his daddy, so this makes a certain amount of sense.

    But INSULTING him? I guess rubbing his dick was out of the question.

    W. was always a squishy “liberal” globaloney-ist.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Releasing details of Camelot porn and assassinations is not the only reason the Bushs hate Trump. They’ve always considered Trump trailer trash because he’s not part of the RINO establishment cabal. Progressive elites hate not being in control and President Trump is giving control back to the people.

  8. I thought I would be dead by the time those records were released. Even though I was only in 10th grade at the time I never thought the truth was told. Arlen Spector’s single bullet theory that the government swore was gospel never made any since to me. Being a shooter I know how bullets act.

  9. I’m not worried about any of the Bush, JFK assassination stuff, whether the Wookie has or had a dick, or anything like that.

    That’s just the bullshit that comprises our government. Means dick, has always meant dick, and us plebes ain’t going to influence that short of a guillotine being erected on the nation mall. So suck it.

    What matter is the Wienstein thing. Most specifically, how it affects hiring porn actresses.

    Putting those ladies on the ‘casting couch’ isn’t just a perk of the producer’s job, it is often the screen test itself. Will this change? How will that impact the industry? What will be the downstream effects?

    I can hear you scoffing now, but just realize, 75% of the internet is porn.

    Most of the rest is political discourse that could very easily be described as a different form of masturbation. One without a happy ending.

  10. Out of many books I read on the JFK killing, one of the most interesting was titled; “Mary,Ferrie and the Monkey Virus”. The writer, Ed Haslam started out researching monkey viruses and next thing he knew….he’s finding connections to JFK, the 1st Polio vaccine, AIDS and multiple unsolved murders.
    Likely out of print, but a compelling read if you can find it.

  11. based on todays standards of political behavior there’s nothing in the papers that will shock anyone, so what are they so worried about? You Skull and Bones faggots need to chill.

  12. More like de-glamorize instead of demystify. Unless it’s going to explain how one bullet changed trajectory by backing up and changing course to cause the entirety of the damage done and yet remained in perfect un-fired condition when found on the gurney lying next to JFK.

    BTW, We all know JFK would not be accepted as a Democrat by today’s party. THAT would be the most relevant revelation that could come from this. That would go a long way to show how the Dem party has become the Communist Party.

  13. I read an account by a Kennedy WH staffer who said he had to stand watch and let the President know when Jackie was back on base so they could get the girls out of the skinny dip pool in time.

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