#LeKaren trends on Twitter after LeBron James gets fans tossed from game

PM: In Wednesday night’s game against the Pacers, two fans were ejected from their courtside seats after allegedly taunting Lakers star LeBron James.

LeBron James took to the court Wednesday night fresh off a one-game suspension for elbowing Pistons’ forward Isaiah Stewart in the face. Tied after four quarters, the game went to overtime, where things got heated between James and two fans sitting courtside.

After allegedly being taunted by the couple throughout the game, James reached his breaking point and asked the ref to have the fans ejected. The ref obliged, and soon enough the pair were escorted out by security.

On the way out, one of the fans put on a fake frown and pretended to cry, an obvious jab at James, who many have called out for being overly sensitive. more here

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  1. LeByatch is not qualified to chisel away at the Racing stripes Jordan leaves in his Hanes underwear.

  2. Being a winner has much more to do than just athletic ability and why this clown will always be MJs little bitch. Which drives him nuts. He’s a pussy.

  3. My only regret with the NBA was that I did not appreciate Larry Bird when he played as I was 14ish and a Lakers fan at the time.

    Bird was one of the hardest working athletes of his time.

    Class act.

  4. “A bunch of ni@@ers in their underwear trying to fill a basket with a hole in the bottom – not much of a sport.”
    (dead white dude – may be paraphrasing rather than quoting – ask Anonymous)

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  5. If they were wearing MAGA hats, or anti-china gear, he/she/it would have asked for them to be removed before the game started.

  6. I became interested in pro ball when i lived in AZ. The suns, barkely, johnson etc but after a while the game itself became repetitive. Quarter after Quarter was the same bs. And now the have 7 foot pussies playing.

  7. @Charlie – I remember those days as well. Unfortunately, I was living through the days of Paul Westhead (Deadhead). Previous coaches included Larry Brown and Doug Moe. I am guessing neither of them would have put up with this crap.

  8. Oh, the good old days. The Denver Rockets of the ABA with players like Byron Beck, Ralph Simpson, and Spencer Haywood (who is an entirely different story as he was the first, or one of the first to jump to the pros before graduating college). Giving up the name “Rockets” for “Nuggets” because Houston already had the Rockets and Denver wanted to join the NBA. Followed by players including Dan Issel, Bobby Jones, and the original “Skywalker” David Thompson.

    Later, Alex English (another amazing story and player) and Kiki Vandeweghe as forwards.

    Sorry, I am a geek for those years of the Denver teams. Or at least I was until “Deadhead” took over with the run and gun offense. Yes, they were exciting, but with no defense, even scoring 130 a game wasn’t enough.

    Sorry about the hijack, I just couldn’t talk about the idiocy of LeKaren without putting some perspective about players who actually played because of the competition and not because President Xi was willing to fork over millions to the league

  9. Hey Microsoft, could ya eject this site from the internet? They been making fun at my expense!


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