Lena Dunham Declares Daniel Tosh Hollywood’s Biggest Misogynist Because He Made a Joke About Her

In Lena Dunham’s world (where she molests her sister) Daniel Tosh is a bigger misogynist than Harvey Weinstein because Tosh said a mean thing about HER.

What did he say?

She doesn’t really know, actually. She “heard” he said something mean. And this stems from 2012-

This is one of the leaders of the feminists. This is a hero.

She’s a vapid, moron, and this declaration should be insulting to feminists, but let’s face it, they’re idiots too. So there will be no backlash.

HuffPo did some research and this is what they came up with-

While she did not specify what the comment was, Tosh said in a 2012 bit on pepper spray: “The only thing that will burn your eyes worse is watching that chick get naked on ‘Girls.’”

The barb was accompanied by a topless image of Dunham with her breasts blacked out. (Joke at 1:30 mark.)

If this is the WORST case of misogyny in Hollywood, Hollywood is not all that bad, are they? (And we know that’s not the case, so this makes Dunham a dope.)


11 Comments on Lena Dunham Declares Daniel Tosh Hollywood’s Biggest Misogynist Because He Made a Joke About Her

  1. @VietVet – great way to start the morning coffee through the nose with a snork like that.

    Never could believe this skank thought enough of herself to get naked – especially on camera. Money speaks I guess.

    Tosh was right and nobody can say he delamed her but rather defined her.

  2. Few things are more off putting than a tubby and sloven crybaby. Everything about that sow is cringingly repulsive.

  3. She’ll have to labor away furiously to outdo her admission of performing cunnilingus on her younger sister if she wants to stay relevant with her crowd. Exposing her sagging and misshapen milkers isn’t going to cut it again.

  4. Tosh is a leftist like all of them. The R-rated Bob Sagat of youtube videos.

    His staff have made him a career out of stealing jokes from the comments section.

    But make no mistake, he hates conservatives and Republicans.

    I watch him but he gets his jibes in every show.


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