Lena Dunham Wants A New Amendment To Protect Her Feelings

lena dunham wth?

DailyCaller: Poor Lena Dunham. That sister-molesting, Hillary-endorsing rape-hoaxer has quit Twitter more times than she’s had hot meals. Which is to say, a lot of times. A whooooole lot of times.

And here we go again!

h/t  Snowball the Sourpuss.

27 Comments on Lena Dunham Wants A New Amendment To Protect Her Feelings

  1. The bottom line:

    This isn’t about her feelings – it’s about her controlling you somehow.


  2. She is unhappy twatter allows people to point out that ugly is more than skin deep, it goes all the way to the bone.
    I am unhappy that I cannot unsee the picture you posted.

  3. Hideously unattractive, obese, insane pseudo-feminist that hates normal women, normal men, and herself – with a personality that Hannibal Lector would find repulsive.

    Even the almost-male SJWs won’t touch that.

  4. or the instagram selfie next to a toilet

    or any material from her HBO show where she’s frequently naked

    or ant of her parent’s “art”

  5. How is getting a BJ from Lena Dunham and walking across the Grand Canyon on a tightrope the same?

    In either case, whatever you do, don’t look down!

  6. so she wants a law that says she can do and say what she wants,but I cant reply or retort . So she just a fat lazy bint that can dish it but cant take it.

  7. I want never to hear, see or think about that piece of excrement ever again. I don’t care if she what she does, who she does or who does her. her meal ticket is getting her name in print.

  8. I want a new amendment to protect me from seeing her naked fat flesh every time I go online. You know, something prohibiting taking photos of Dunham if she’s not fully dressed.


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