Lenny Dykstra Involved In Another Bizarre Story

The former baseball star, Lenny Dykstra, was seen dumpster diving for 9 hours behind a Jersey Mike’s Sub shop because he lost his teeth.

He took out his $80,000 dentures because the bread was hard. He wrapped them in a napkin and left.

It wasn’t until he got home that he realized he had no teeth.

When he returned he was told all the napkins were thrown out and dumped into the dumpsters.

In he went.


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  1. Interesting:

    The dentures are specially made with bone marrow and valued at $80,000
    Dan Risis, who is Dykstra’s close New Jersey friend, said he arranged for a dentist and a baseball fan in Minnesota to make Dykstra’s dentures – free of charge – about a year ago.

    If that’d been me, I would have been diving in that dumpster, too, regardless of whether I’d paid for them or not!

  2. DYKSTRA s such a positive name in 1986, I hope he can clean himself up. I loved this guy back then.

  3. Perhaps Lenny Dykstra’s problem come from his long time chewing tobacco habit. All that chewing tobacco could’ve rotted out his teeth and gums which caused him to have dentures. I had an uncle who lost part of his jaw as well as some of his stomach from a lifelong chewing tobacco habit. And Lenny Dykstra was one of the last baseball players to chew tobacco when he played baseball back in the 80’s.

  4. If Lenny has any of his historical talent left, he could make millions again pitching high velocity sliders at Gay Pride Parades across the nation.
    RIP Rollie Fingers,,,

  5. I still laugh thinking about all of the idiots that trusted Him

    for Financial advice….Tough as Nails, dumb as a Hammer.

  6. When I saw a story about a garbage dumpster behind a store off Rt. 9 in New Jersey, I immediately assumed it was about old Homo Jim. Im almost certain that garbage dumpster was one of Jim Mcgreeveys favorite places to blow teenage boys.

  7. My parents got off easy replacing all the retainers I accidentally threw out in grade school. They were so upset it was a frequent occurrence they had a ledger they swore I was going to pay back one day of replacement costs.


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