Leo Terrell on frustration with left’s failure to call out rioters’

[…] Black Lives Matter is disingenuous. Why? Because there’s only certain black lives that they care about. What about that retired black officer, David Dorn? A black man, murdered defending a business. I didn’t see Black Lives there. I didn’t see Al Sharpton there. It is certain blacks that they care about to profiteer the black community. more

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  1. Wow! I’ve seen him on shows in the past and didn’t stomach him well. Guess he woke up at least a little.

  2. It’s finally dawned on Leo that the big Black snake is about to bite them in the ass! If they’ve lost Leo, that’s a good thing!

  3. Trust a lifelong racist, black supremacist lawyer??

    Sleep with one (at least) eye open.

  4. James Brown was the hardest workin man in show business and Leo is the angriest man on cable news. I don’t think he was born with the muscles that allow you to smile. Seems like a VERY bitter man even though he has tremendous professional success. Sad.

  5. Google what LBJ said about getting a certain race’s votes for the next 200 years.

    Then get a meme that shows it and send it to every liberal dipstick who annoys you.

  6. You start shit with a woman, then when the woman and her husband try to leave, you jump behind their car and start hitting it, but they’re racist for trying to protect themselves? I probably would have not gotten back out of my car, but she clearly was just trying to get them the hell away so they could leave.

    My husband has a life long friend, they’ve been friends since they were just boys. He has told me numerous of times to avoid blacks, because the sad truth is you don’t know which black person is a decent person and which black will attack for the fun of attacking or to get you to fight back so they can call you racist. This coming from a black man, but a non-racist black man.


  7. Leo’s awakening will go down, in my personnel history, as mind blowing as my first erection. Hope he lasts longer!!!
    He still owes Candace Owen an apology tho! Too many insults on Laura Ingraham’s show.

  8. If he is sincere this is the reddest red pill in the history of the color red and in the history of pills.


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