Less Than Transparent: Journalists Fault Obama

The following is based on a letter to the Obama White House from the Society of Professional Journalists.

Sharryl Attkisson:

When President Obama took office, he gave journalists great hope by promising unprecedented transparency. The reality has proven to be eight years of slippage in nearly every facet of openness. As the president prepares to leave office, the Society of Professional Journalists have noted the disappointing shortfalls.

Forty journalism and open-government groups sent a letter to White House press secretary Josh Earnest* in September after he called for journalists to give the president credit for improvements in government transparency. The Society of Professional Journalists and other groups have “repeatedly outlined to the administration various ways in which transparency has gotten worse” including:  more

6 Comments on Less Than Transparent: Journalists Fault Obama

  1. Gee, we drink his kool-aid by the gallon as good little water carriers and in the end we get duped. Wow, I guess maybe we should have done a little vetting in 2008. – Chuck Fraud – MSNBCDNCNYTIMESWASHPOT HACK

  2. On the UP side, his corruption has exposed the utter
    collaboration and ethical depravity of the Press.

    He’s gone soon enough;
    now all we have to do is to figure out
    how to get rid of the Fake Press.

  3. nothing from the msm on this, but they are all over trump on transparency already

    watch for the final sleight of hand by this outgoing group of ignoramuses as they lay anti-trump landmines wherever they can

    and the interesting but expected twist of irony is noted when anderson sore pooper asked trump if he is going to take a “wrecking ball” to obama’s “legacy”, while in full support of whatever be done before 20 jan to ensure trump an uphill battle and a wobbly start

    these people are going to do their best to continue to fuck us over

  4. My guess is the Russian hacking thang is so he can nullify the election when he gets his phony report, and hang around the office for another year while they try to figure a way to get Joe to replace Hatelry in another run against Trump

  5. IF obozo tries to interfere, i sincerely hope the Military remove him as the secret service NEVER will, nor Lynch’s dept of injustice. The machinations of the left and globalists will never be forgotten nor forgiven by America. Try to grab a coup d’etat and watch heads roll. We have no compunctions in chopping their heads off. Obozo will be better served in taking off for hawaii and staying there.


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