Lessons the Left-Wing Never Learn

Subsidize a behavior and you get more of it.

If your evil plan is to get more of it, leading to dependent and loyal voters that will keep you in power, when you run out of other people’s money you get bloodshed.

It happens every time. Therefore, your system is inherently evil.

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  1. Conceptually true, but theory and reality are two very different animals. When social tools are used to purchase votes, the idea collapses rather quickly.

  2. The video is a simplification of why government safety nets, when properly applied in society, help the people get back on their feet.

    Total B.S. Whatever did we do before the creation of the welfare state? Self-reliance, responsibility, charity and a true sense of community.

    Seems a bit like propaganda lite.

  3. The socialists learned these lessons hundreds of years ago – THAT’S WHY THEY DO IT!

    They subsist on hate, envy, strife, war, famine, pestilence, and death.
    They cannot bear that some may be happy and contented.
    They sow discord with every word, action, and lie.
    From the communitarians of the Middle Ages, to the Oneida Community, to Marxism/Leninism, to Mao-ism, to the Demonrat Party, to the RINOs – all are efforts at instilling fear and usurping power.

    Have we not eyes to see?

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Just give me moar free shit. It’s all about ME, it’s a ME society. Please, will someone just gofundME.

  5. Politicians use your money to buy votes to keep themselves in office. This is not a new system – the Romans did it and called it bread and circuses.

    Deficit spending always, at some point, leads to economic collapse. Providing benefits to citizens to keep them dependent on keeping you in office always leads to collapse. But so long as politicians can keep kicking the can down the road while they enjoy the power, perks and money they get from holding office, this seems to be a worthwhile tradeoff to them – although you, common citizen, will ultimately get screwed.



    Those with convictions, are UNEMPLOYABLE. That’s why the recidivism rate is so high, they have no alternative.

    So a guy with a DUI should be able to WORK PAST THE CONVICTION. Let’s say he can only get a job picking vegetables. Ok, he does that for 5 years, stays clean, the conviction is NOT SEARCHABLE OR REPORTABLE. Only the courts can see his record, not employers.

    So people can work their way out of past problems and still have time in their lives to make money in a regular job they are qualified for, instead of picking vegetables.

    OTHERWISE, you can just assume they are going to sit on welfare instead of starve or work, since no employer is every going to give them a 2nd change.

    🎱 There you go. That’s why some people are on welfare! 🎱

  7. Horowitz explained it this way: The Utopian dream of the communist is to legislate a perfect world. It is their version of religion. They see this as a fallen world and they are the saviors. What quickly becomes necessary, however, are the methods to bring about their perfect world: hatred for the nonconforming, greed and hunger for increasing power, envy of those higher in the chain of “enlightenment”, and an overall pharisaical slavishness to “The Rules” (Political Correctness).

    He said, “This is why Trump got it right about Hillary. Trump said ‘She has a huge hatred in her heart (toward ordinary Americans)'”. It was a few months later that Clinton said Trump’s supporters were a basket of deplorables, irredeemables.

    If all forms of welfare ended tomorrow with the exception of those who are physically/mentally incapable of taking care of themselves (although a case could be made for churches to pick up that cost), I think we would be shocked at how quickly people figure out how to fend for themselves. I think we would see a fresh breeze blow all the crap out of the inner cities as families realize they’ve been living on a plantation.

  8. An interesting analysis. Many years ago as an unsupported low-income single parent, I received food stamps for about a year. As I remained gainfully employed, and earned more money, I stopped receiving them. To me, getting off food stamps was a small victory of sorts. The big issue for me at the time was that the state was constantly reminding me than the best thing I could do was quit my job, and rely entirely on the state welfare system.
    I refused every time, because I realized that even my crappy minimum wage job would eventually lead me to a better life, while welfare offered me the opportunity to live in poverty forever.
    People need to think hard about where their lives are going, and not let the government make these decisions for them.

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