Let Him Race – He Identifies as a Human

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  1. He didn’t “accidentally” join the race, he had planned it all morning.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  2. My freshman year in college I rented a room in a house. The owner had a dog, kind of fat, short-legged, older. I would go for 2-3 mile runs on the sidewalks. She wanted to go, and since she was good about not straying I let her go. She would run ahead of me, checking out smells on bushes and things, fall behind, catch up. Meanwhile I am chugging away the best I can – a fairly athletic 18 year-old.
    Four legs just isn’t fair! 🙂

  3. Dog has been running since it escaped NOKO.
    Vid title says dog finished 3rd, but the vid looks like it finished 2nd?

  4. burner, watch the beginning of the race footage. After the start, they show the end. In the lower right is a guy in all yellow who was miles ahead of the rest. He came in first. Then they showed the replay of just the 2nd and 3rd (doggie) finish.

  5. @LCD – Good point. A dog can run a horse to death. If I remember correctly, a canine has the best endurance of any land animal.

    “I could be wrong and usually am.”

  6. As long as he beat any transgendered.
    He Won!
    Now let’s see how he wrestles,,,
    (might be better if it was a she).


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