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Let the armchair investigations begin…


It’s looking like the previous owner of the house, the woman who sold to the Fords, was a couple’s counselor.

Every high profile “event,” where people are interested in fact gathering, seems to have some freaky coincidences. This is one of those times.

What are the odds that a sexual assault accuser, where a couple’s counselor is at the genesis of the story, would buy a house from a couple’s counselor, particularly one that specializes in trauma from repressed memories?

The social media sites that list the woman as seemingly living there after 2008 are simply sites that don’t have updated information.

Page O’Turner/ Internet Gumshoe.

This is pretty interesting.

This address, according to corpdetails is registered with social services as a… wait for it… couple’s counseling location. The manager’s name is Sylvia Randolph. There is a counselor named Sylvia Randall associated with the same address.

Page O’Turner asks – “Is this the same therapist who is vouching for Ford’s recovered memory in 2012?”

To take a line from an old movie, “we’ve traced the therapist… she’s coming from within the house!”

When was this house listed as a couple’s counseling location? Was it prior to 2012?

Hey, we’re just asking questions here, just like a senator would.

We were led to believe that Ford and her husband went to couple’s counseling (an objective professional), and through a series of emotional sessions unearthed the long-held secret that a Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her decades ago. I’d hate to think that this Sylvia Randolph/Randall, a woman under Ford’s roof, with some sort of financial arrangement, is the woman who was the professional facilitator that took these copious notes, in her bathrobe, on the back deck, while sharing bagels and wine coolers.


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  1. Is that the girl Bad_Brad and Arron Burr were fighting over a couple of threads ago?

    I got lost in the noise ………………..

  2. The rank and file FBI agents handling this weeks’ investigation could go a long way in cleaning up the Bureaus’ reputation if they nail this progressive skanks’ ass to the wall. Maybe this week delay will pay off.

    One can hope, can’t they?

  3. “Doctor, it hurts when I bend my knee. I think Brett Kavanaugh kicked me.”
    “Sorry, Ms. Ford, I’m your marriage therapist. The orthopedic doctor is the next bedroom down.”
    “Oh, never mind. I was going to see my financial advisor in the den anyway about another GoFundMe campaign.”

    This could turn into a weird version of Big Brother.

  4. “The three faces of a Ford or is that an Edsel?”

    After yesterday, I’m thinking Edith Ann. Are we sure that it’s Sylvia, and not Sybil?

  5. I am a marriage and family therapist in CA. We but if a unicorn, conservative MFT. Anyway I check Sylvia for a license and if she has one it is not under Sylvia Randolph.

  6. amazing and no less than that.
    inquiring minds will find out

    the corpdetails page was not archived.
    PLEASE: if you see something of this nature, archive it.
    IMMEDIATELY Don’t tell someone about it first. Archive it, then tell someone if you want. These things vaporize. It was missed by them, but I bet it will be gone this afternoon. What is going on is very real.
    Here is is now: https://archive.fo/0N2fc

  7. Public records show the renovation permit which would have allowed a second front door are from 2007, not 2011 or 2012. She testified that the reno was in 2012 & it prompted the therapy.

    Was she lying under oath? Public records – like her lifelong friend – say no front door reno possible after 2007/2008.

  8. @Toby Miles – you’re correct. I found Christine Blasey’s Facebook page earlier today and emailed someone about it. Poof, it was gone before I could archive.

    It showed lots of travel and no hubby in the pictures after 2013.

    It also had a link Ford posted in April 2017 from the Democrat Socialists which I did screen grab. I thought she was non-political but she links to the most radical of the leftist democrats?

  9. TO Page
    …and that 2nd entrance door was for Google employees renting part of her house…GEE…I *wonder* if that income was ever reported to the IRS….

  10. ^^^^ Just FYI, people.
    Hot Salsa has been a prolific tipster and gumshoe, as well.

    A word on “doxxing.”
    We’re always wary of being accused of “doxxing,” or publishing something that is not a simple public record. We’re not interested in doxxing anyone.

    Doxxing, in my mind, is the publishing of private information with the obvious purpose of inciting violence, harassment, fear, because the info is simply addresses and phone numbers, which doesn’t serve a purpose other than to send a signal to the deranged that “this is where they live!”

    We don’t do that.

  11. @Page O Turner- yeah, it is _very_ real. And seditious.
    If you have that screen grab, post it somewhere as a jpg or something. If you want, you can then archive that posting when it appears. You could post it to a vegetarian Lithuanian basket weavers forum. Just put it somewhere, then archive that. Save it separately, off of your HDD, too.
    That said, I’d love to see it, so post that link here.
    And if that isn’t acceptable, I apologize for suggesting anything that might be unacceptable.

  12. @gin blossum- “…is that an old toilet bowl in front there?”

    That’s how the rich people in SF poop on the sidewalk.
    They have no shame- they’ll appropriate any damn thing they want. But, they do have their standards.

  13. Of related interest?

    “This picture comes from Christine Blasey’s husband Russell Ford’s Facebook page. She currently is operating under PAULA BLASEY for her profile name. She is presently employed by Corcept Therapeutics in the SF Bay area, a maker of an abortion pill and $1.2 billion business. She and husband are both in the medical industry. She’s authored eight articles on abortion drugs.”

  14. @Czar – actually “Paula Blasey” is Christine’s mother’s page that uses a picture of Christine as the picture. I was on Christine’s page just before it was removed and clicked on a comment from “Grammy” to Christine’s children which took me to that page. I emailed Christine’s Facebook page link to a couple of internet bloggers including Big Fur and POOF! the facebook page was gone.

    You think we’re not being monitored?

  15. One more comment – on Christine’s facebook page today – taken down minutes after I found it – was a picture of her 30th high school reunion. There were at least 25 women in that picture. If anyone else can find it, please archive!

  16. If I’m understanding this, Ford had a second (front) door installed in her house and a public record shows that there is a counseling business conducted at her address by another party. Was the second front door installed so that the business has its own entrance? That would make sense, and is typical for a home-based, personal services business. Interesting.

  17. @AbigailAdams – the “business” is not registered with the Sec of State & @ TNRWC can’t find therapy licensing for her. The search I did shows Sylvia Randolph runs her unregistered business from there AND ALSO LIVES THERE. A further search shows Christine Blasey Ford as a resident. It shows husband Russel Ford living in Santa Cruz.

    We now know that, despite Ford’s claim the memory came up in a 2012 couples counseling session “during a long renovation” over her insistence on a second front door, the public record shows the renovation took place 4 YEARS EARLIER.

    There are a lot of holes here. When was the 2nd front door put in? Who was the 2012 therapist? Has Sylvia helped her to “further” recover her memory? Why isn’t she licensed but she lists her therapy counseling on a public website using the Ford residential home address? Why do we know every small detail about Kavanaugh’s life but we don’t know if Ford is in a lesbian relationship with a shrink?

  18. @Anniegirl- alas, I fear that is but another item that covers nothing less benign than insurance. It is just a couple of insurance agents talking about ‘policies.’

  19. @Old Guy – Santa Cruz is where Ford’s husband lives. It appears he’s been out of the family home for years and Sylvia Randolph, couple’s therapist, moved in.

    Is that ethical?

  20. Reminds me of driving by the house of some ‘psychic’ woman for years who had operated her ‘business’ out of it.
    One day there was a foreclosed sign out front.
    Apparently she wasn’t psychic enough to see that coming.

  21. This is great everybody, I feel better reading these comments,. Limited data on a hotspot …………….. keep it up

  22. Let’s look at how Dr Blasey Ford described herself during a 2014 speech at Holton Arms. She admits she was a “troublemaker”.

    “Dr. Christine Blasey’s ’84 life story contrasts markedly with Anne Armstrong’s goal-oriented path. Christine approached high school and even her first two years of college without much sense of direction. By her own admission, she was a troublemaker who performed well below her potential academically. Finally, during her junior year in college, a tough remonstrance from a friend brought her to her senses and she began to apply herself. She had a lot of slacking to make up for; psychology offered the easiest major to complete and graduate on time. ”

    (This wasn’t hard to find. Let’s see her scrubbed FB page.)

  23. This just hit twitterverse:

    BREAKING: Records show Blasey-Ford is not licensed as a Psychologist in the State of California and has perjured herself during the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on Thursday, as well as breaking Californian State Laws. Her Faculty page has since been altered – reports

  24. Is any of this reaching the Drudge Report? I would hope that rumblings of her insincerity and lying would start to break through-somewhere.

  25. The Couples Resource Center has a “manager” named: Sylvia Randolph per BFH’s link above.
    Check this out on The Couples Resource Center at above address being started in 1985 by Dr. Sylvia Randall and Michael Lawwill,l LMFT.
    She has moved to West Linn, OR:
    He has moved to Roswell, GA:
    Are Sylvia Randall and Sylvia Randolph related in some way? Same person?

  26. I like this theory.
    Couple’s counseling leads to a lasting relationship between Christine and Sylvia, the counselor.

    Husband moves to Santa Clara.
    Sylvia moves her office to Christine’s house.

    They discuss a sexual assault incident she had when she was a teen. They decide to plug Kavanaugh, the possible SCOTUS pick, into the role of her attacker.

    They research Kavanaugh to get a plausible story.
    They include Judge because he says he has blackouts. PERFECT.

    They read his stuff.

    They pick up on tidbits, like he worked at a supermarket. This conveniently goes into Christine’s story.

    She picks her friend as one of the guests, specifically because this witness is ill. If she dies, that’s a bonus.

    Unfortunately, none of the people she names remembers any such party.
    She plays it off like this would be the expected reaction because from their perspective, nothing remarkable happened that night.

    But they didn’t think it through.

    Her story has loud music, people jumping on beds, thumping on the floor, and then her disappearance.

    Normal people would try and find out where she went.

    Also, she would have alerted people that she left her friend at a house with 2 drunks that tried to rape her.

    She gives no plausible explanation as to how a 15 year-old with no car got home from an event 20 minutes from her house.

    She also never screams once Kavanaugh’s hand, which was smothering her screams, is removed from her mouth.


  27. Wait a minute… She may not be a shrink, but a ‘life coach’. Shit, she may be just a psychic. Psychiatrist, psychic. Would the stoners in Palo Alto know the difference? lol.

  28. Sylvia Randall- profiled on Psychology Today, from Hot Salsa link above—

    In my individual work, I specialize in relationship issues, sexuality, depression, and anxiety. As a trained EMDR practitioner, I often work to diminish fears and phobias, and to lower the charge associated with disturbing memories from the past.

    This is EXACTLY what Christine Ford claims she suffers from.

  29. I think the Randolph name is a typo.
    Social services lists 1 employee at the business.
    It’s most likely Sylvia Randall since her business is listed there.

  30. A lesbian couples counselor, imagine that…..How many PDB’s (poor dumb bastards) got put through the wringer with her therapy prejudices ?…

    BFH…your theory makes perfect sense!….do you have a glass eye, a wrinkled trench coat and smoke little cigars?

  31. Sylvia Randall graduated from Purdue in 1965, making her about 79 now. Her website listed above by HotSalsa shows she specializes in Gay, Lesbian, Trans, and Bi “issues”. I can find a home linked to her on the search tool “Nuwber” in the area along with two other people: Silvia and Stephen Najjar, both between 65-70 years old. Hmm…Is “Silvia” also “Sylvia”? Or just her friend? Working on a time line from all her online PDX postings. Still sleuthing! Keep you guys posted. Oh, and GREAT WORK, SALSA!!I love this stuff.

  32. SPOKEO has her with several AKAs: Sylvia Adkinsrandall, Randall S. Adkins-Hepler and Silvia Najjar Randall. I don’t think she’s trying to hide, do you? Dun and Bradstreet lists her business as making $49K a year, so that’s not financing her lifestyle. She sells watercolors, though, at sylviarandall.com. Oh, and looks like she moved from
    Palo Alto in 2012. What was going on then? I didn’t archive any of my work yet, so this info gives them more stuff to scrub. heh.

  33. I saw this as well, ok, so she had a remodel in 2008. The remodel was an extra bedroom and and extra bathroom. Then she insists on having an extra front door due to the trauma of Kavanaugh? What are the odds this entire story was made up and the extra front door was RENTERS? Come on! That Sylvia chick was living there in 2011 ish according to her website Bio, she now has a residence in Oregon. None of this is adding up.

  34. BTW, that Sylvia Randall person lives in Oregon now. But she still advertises that she’s licensed to practice in CA. But she’s not. I looked up her license in CA and it was cancelled in 2008. There is some digging to do! Here is her public Psychology Today profile where she lists her (no longer valid) CA license. I checked Oregon, she is current through 2020 there. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/sylvia-adkins-randall-west-linn-or/7021 But it looks like she has practiced in CA in 2016, see review on this page: https://www.healthgrades.com/providers/sylvia-randall-y7yqq

  35. So that counceling resource center that was run by Sylvia had a dissolution in 2010, but still was listed at Fords address as of 2016. On Facebook, the son of Sylvia said that was his childhood home. Looks like Sylvia moved around 2011 to Orgeon?
    Also on Spokeo, it has Randall as current resident and Ford’s husband as a past resident. Then I go back to Spokeo and it lists all 3 as current residents. How is this within a 10 timeframe? I took a screenshot of the two pages.

    Not sure it matters much. Got to get out the vote!

  36. There is a whole bunch of interesting stuff being uncovered about her and her timeline.
    She specifically stated she saw Judge a ‘few weeks’ after the alleged event, at a Safeway supermarket where he was working. He doesn’t dispute that he had a job, for a few weeks, working at ‘a supermarket’ to save the money for a sports camp at the end of the summer. He does not remember seeing or meeting her there. That could help date things, and a lot of focus was placed on that. But the more important thing is that he wrote ‘a supermarket’ in his book, and she specifically stated, under sworn oath, that it was a Safeway (that she and her mother entered by different doors?). She confirmed that more than once.
    It appears that Safeway had no stores in Maryland until 1986.
    Sorry to keep at this, but I’d like to see it put in a very deep hole.


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