Let the Blame Game Begin!

Patriot Retort: After the abject failure of leadership in New York last night, the inevitable blame game has begun between Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio.

Nobody is surprised about this.

I said earlier in my post “This is what a Leadership Vacuum looks like” that once the smoke clears, these two would find a way to play the blame game.

It’s what they do.

It’s what these two always do.

Cuomo used his daily press briefing to point the finger of blame at Bill de Blasio.

And, yeah.  De Blasio didn’t do his job and he didn’t let the NYPD do its job.

But who’s the governor of New York, Andy?

Need a hint?  Well, check out where your other fingers are pointing as you point a finger at de Blasio and the NYPD.  Well, lookie there!  They’re pointing at you!

Cuomo told the press that de Blasio refused the help of the National Guard. KEEP READING

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  1. What’s the commie mayor gonna due when federal agents take his dumbass daughter away in handcuffs for supporting a terrorist organization?

  2. the blame game to distract from the truth

    all over this country there’s been tons of time and money spent on setting up wuflu virus triage centers, military hospital ships were sent, and yet some govs decided to send virus patients to the old folks/nursing homes instead .. pure evil
    plus there’s that LONG list of unconstitutional rules imposed on a supposed free society

    and now we have simultaneous coordinated riots N,S,E, & W coast to coast and the usual suspects are enabling the rioting, looting, and terrorizing of law abiding citizens … again pure evil

    those that want this chaos aren’t going to stop/give up now

  3. @not in my backyard
    I agree with your last statement. They realize their devious plan to “change” America wasn’t working out so now they are trying to burn it down because they know they won’t be able to escape justice if America survives.

  4. You can blame me.

    Long story short, accelerator cable got stuck at the carb about a block away from the courthouse when the demonstrators are.

    Was racing a mercedes.

    Anyway, high revs, no way to back it off….so….. shut it down.

    I leave it to your imagination how 3 backfires in a row sound coming out of 3 inch pipes.

    Pretty sure I accidentally started something. Dunno’, I’ll check the news in the morning.

  5. lmao … two ladyboys squatting to pee & arguing over which one’s ‘stream’ is the mightier

    … kinda defines the whole Pantqueefa ‘movement’

  6. I got to thinking, maybe they could make the sequel to Escape from New York. They wouldn’t have to worry about building a movie set, the riotors built it for them. There’s your bailout you two knuckleheads.

  7. whilst i do not own a teevee, I was at a pub with a friend and one set had the “justice for george” going constantly but on another set, the talking head suggested that the rioting was over peeps being locked down!!?? closed caption…. we know it is about neither.

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