Let’s Band Together and Keep the Terrible Human Being Out of the White House


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  1. Now you are just being an asshole. Dan Joseph is a conservative, and a good one. Making him out to be anything else is just petty.

    How far are you gonna go for Trump?

  2. If you’re part of a movement called NEVERTRUMP, you are actively trying to sway voters away from voting for Trump. You are not simply “not voting for Trump.”

    If you’re trying to influence the election away from a Trump victory you are campaigning for Hillary.

    Please try and tell me how you’re not?

    Sitting at home is not voting.
    Spreading the NEVERTRUMP message is electioneering.
    And you’re not electioneering for Trump.
    Do the math.

    I’m sorry I hit a nerve.

  3. So you are saying that all of the VOTERS ARE ASSES??? Because they are the ones who are doing the ACTUAL VOTING. So the hardworking americans who want to exercise their RIGHT to vote for the candidate of their choice are all ASSES???? Is that what you are saying?

  4. If all the people you mentioned are going to join the NEVERTRUMP movement, and NEVERTRUMP means they are more comfortable with a Hillary presidency than Trump, then yes, they are assholes.

    And all of the writing and work they did about Hillary is rendered moot, and they are not only assholes they are disingenuous jerks who never meant a word of the vitriol they had for Hillary.

  5. As soon as they officially join NEVERTRUMP I will.

    I never said people who were against Trump OVER Cruz or Rubio, or any contender, were assholes.
    I would relish a Cruz or Rubio over Hillary.
    I’m not an asshole.

    It’s okay for Dan Joseph to say people who support Trump are dumb??
    He said that in his video.
    He also had a misspelling in that video, which was ironic.

  6. Why don’t you try explaining how Hillary would be better for America than Trump.
    Go ahead.
    So far you’ve said absolutely nothing.
    You haven’t addressed any of my points answered any questions, and just been a bit emotional.
    That doesn’t make great radio.

  7. Menderman, what the hell are you thinking? Who do you suppose Hillary will be appointing to her staff and cabinet, not to mention the courts. I’m going to continue to believe that Trump, maybe Cruz will appoint people we can support and believe in. I may go down in flames believing it but I damn sure will not vote Hillary.

  8. How in heavens name could you prefer Hillary Clinton? Benghazi ring a bell? Vince Foster sound familiar? Classified intel on a non secure server? And those are just for starters. Are you serious?

  9. Listen to yourself.
    You go nuts when I imply you’re getting Hillary elected. Then 5 minutes later you dip your toe in the water and tell us all about how you read Dave Blount and became mesmerized by his argument that Hillary is better for America than Trump.
    Then you say you’re more comfortable with Hillary than Trump.

    I have no patience for people I already have the read on and they try and convince me otherwise.

    If 15 minutes ago I said those things about you you’d be in hysterics.

    Dude, you can’t boil the frog with me.

  10. Block Trump from DOING WHAT??????????

    What is it that you have in your head that he is going to do?

    You make NO SENSE.

    If Trump has a phone and a pen, SO DOES HILLARY.

    Take a civics lesson.

    The president signs into law or vetoes a law.
    Trump will only see what is sent to him, just like Hillary.
    You think Trump is going to veto the good laws that OUR congress sends him??

    Hillary will!!!

  11. What fucking congress is going to stop anybody from anything?!?! That’s our problem and it’s the only reason Trump is even running.

  12. You will not vote for Hillary, but you’ll endorse NEVERTRUMP, a movement dedicated to the spreading of the message that you should not vote for Trump. This is not someone not voting, this is someone ELECTIONEERING.
    With every vote not cast for Trump, who gains?

    Who is giving her those gains?

    Stop tryng to rationalize your support for Hillary.
    Plus you just got finished saying you’re more comfortable with Hillary and you liked n essay by Blount that makes the case that Hillary is better.
    I’m done. I have no time for this because you’re not even debating honestly.

  13. Folks, we better wake up to REALITY and realize that we’re either going to get Trump as president or Hillary, it’s just that simple.

    And if Hillary wins, the U.S. won’t last through her first term!

    Is anybody so INFANTILE that they will allow the destruction of this country simply because they didn’t get their way?

    If you enable Hillary though your inaction, the blood she lets WILL be on YOUR hands.

    Will you be able to explain to your children why they’re being slaughtered at the alter of the godless new world order?

    All because you threw a hissy fit over some bullshit ideological hair-splitting!!!

    “There are only two options now…DEATH or VICTORY!!!


  14. Oh, you mean the ‘Conservative’ Republicans who gave Obama a Carte Blanche in every way possible to do whatever he pleases this year? Fuck you, and anyone who Looks like you.

  15. Now, call out the rest, just like you did Dan. Sunny, Pamela, Trevour, Dianny….

    C’mon, call them traitors too!

    Put your principles where your keypad is.

  16. Even though I’m not a fan of Trump, it is frustrating that people are spending so much time attacking HIM and not Hillary.

  17. Because you’re supporting Hillary, whether you think so or not. When you don’t vote for Trump that is one vote, your own. That is your right.
    When you electioneer against Trump, trying to dissuade others from voting for him you are working for Hillary.

    This is plain as day and fact.
    I’ve made this point 9 times and you don’t address it.

    Also. Do you think for one second I’m going to entertain the troops for the next 4 years doing antiHillary agitprop?

    I did that for 8 years and you’re telling me now that I was just fooling myself. Hillary wasn’t all that bad. In fact, she’s better than Trump!

  18. Corona just asked me to suck my mothers dick.

    Can things get worse than that?

    Corona has been here for years. I am highly disappointed.

    I am at a loss as how to handle this.

    With that, I am out for the night..with tears running down my cheeks….

    congrats Corona. You won.

    Menderman, I’m putting this here. I’m not hijacking your comment, I just want to make sure mine is seen with yours.

    Corona, I know you for a long time. I know that we’re just getting passionate with our views, and it’s in keeping with iOTWreport values to be outrageous.
    But c’mon. You know that Menderman is not going to respond well to that comment and he doesn’t deserve to be run off with that kind of dismissal.
    This is Menderman.
    He’s earned as close to civil discourse as we can get.

  19. Is anybody so INFANTILE that they will allow the destruction of this country simply because they didn’t get their way?

    Amen, Chance.

  20. Amen Chance and BFH anyone silly enough to throw it away to the libs are nuts.I held my nose and voted for Romney and McCain Dont forget Dole and NONE of them I liked but I didn’t pick up all my toys and leave cause my butt hurt,just saying GROW UP!

  21. Maybe we can get Dan Joseph an appointment with Irony Curtain to explain the concept to him. I’m not aware that Trump has actually killed anyone or left people under him to die, and then made up a yuuuuge lie about a you tube video to cover up his evil acts. It’s a proven fact that Hillary is as evil and corrupt as is humanly possible. Even if you don’t like Trump and think he’s terrible, his history is nowhere near as horrendous as Hillary’s.

  22. Dan Joseph holds up that schlub Erick Erickson as a shining light of conservatism – that’s all I need to know about him. I still like his stuff, but he’s got a taint on him now.

  23. Trump is resonating with all sorts of voters. A bunch of former Democrats in Massachusetts changed their party affiliation to Republican just so they could vote for Trump.

  24. In the heat of frustration right on IOTW, I once said I could COULD NOT vote for Cruz. That was a stupid statement on my part. I would vote for a goat over Hillary.

  25. Hillary doesn’t want people to vote for Trump so she can have a better chance at winning the presidency. It’s really not more complicated than that. Why take that chance?

    Imagine it’s 1992-2000 all over again only it’s worse. MUCH worse.

    All my life I’ve heard, “Get $$$$$, special interests, lobbyists, cronyism, blah blah blah out of politics.” Along comes a guy who does JUST THAT and certain folks hate him for it? I understand people’s trepidation just because we’ve been burned so many times but like William F. Buckley said, “Elect the most conservative that can WIN (I hope I got that right).” Trump is that guy.

    You’re not going to be able to turn this country around next election. Too much ground would be lost. Trump pisses off all the right people. Just admit it. And he took Guaca Bowle Jeb! out single-handedly. Imagine what he’ll do to Lindsay Graham, John McStain, Paul Ryan, and the rest of those establishment mommyfarkers. I don’t care if you don’t like Trump. But vote for Hillary in absentia?!?! You’re smarter than that.

    The last 7 years have been a personal unsteady employment HELL for me and my wife. Thank God my kids are young enough not to know the pain their Dad has gone through with what seems like day after day. Just last night I took ’em out to Toys-R-Us to buy them a gift with some extra tax money. I haven’t been able to do that in moons and I was able to buy them something more for once than just a fucking action figure. Trump knows his business. You think Hillary is gonna afford me the chance to buy a new home again for The Manderin Family? Not on your life.

    I hope there are enough broken men (and women) out there in the United States of America just like me to catapult Donald J. Trump into The White House because that brash son of a bitch is the only shot we have right now, like it or not.

  26. Whoever wins the presidency, they need to prosecute every politician and lawyer in Washington who was ok with running the criminal Hillary for office of president.

    One look at her rap sheet and any sane person would have to think it would be impossible for such a corrupt person to even have a chance to get in the race.

    These are very strange days.

  27. I’ve worked in NYC all my adult life, mostly in construction. Donald
    Trump and his kind: doers, not talkers, doers, have put more people to work in good paying non-government jobs than the entire
    Clinton cabal ever did or ever will. A vote for Killary over Trump
    is downright un American

  28. Trump has put more people to work in good paying, non-government jobs, than the entire fucking Clinton cabal ever did or ever will. A vote for that evil bitch over Trump is un American.
    There, I said it!

  29. I’m writing this late tonight not because I didn’t want anyone to see my comment, but because I couldn’t sleep (it’s nearly 10p. PST) and that’s just how it worked out.

    Dear Menderman, it seems apparent you need to take a break for a while from all this political stuff. Normally, you’re as rational as anyone here, but Fur and others have repeatedly explained the NeverTrump campaign very clearly. It is not about simply not voting for Trump, it is campaigning against the Republican party and for the Democrats. And if you are doing that if follows that you *are* campaigning for Hillary Clinton to win the General Election and the presidency. In fact you even wrote, above, that you would be more comfortable with a Clinton than a Trump president.

    To think that, to say that and believe it is an astonishing admittance that, in the end, everything that has ever been written by conservatives over the past several decades about her has been in error — has been wrong or misunderstood by conservatives. She’s just not that bad. Oh, she may be bad, but certainly not as bad — as NeverTrump says — as Trump.

    I strongly suspect this is not so much about Trump as it is about Ted Cruz, the serious war being waged by very arrogant, capitol “C” Conservatives against their unwashed lessers — us mongrel lower case “c” conservatives. Would I be right in this?

    Why do I think this is true? Because in order to make Trump into the progressive scoundrel the NeverTrump people are taking aim at, it has first been necessary to firmly affix in peoples’ minds the idea that he is a progressive scoundrel. That has been done by a lot of lying. A lot of lying. It has also been done by attacking and discrediting all the millions of people who have heard him, heard his platform, read his platform, heard those they respect who support him, looked at his record, compared his accomplishments and any historical information and concluded he is sincere, honest, forthright and able enough to lead this nation back from the brink. No conservative, either upper or lower case “c” can say with any honesty whatsoever that Hillary Clinton will or has the inclination to do that.

    You and others have been fooled by Dan Joseph. You and others are incredibly sincere, but you are sincerely wrong. You’ve chosen a bad route and you need to step back, take a good look at what he is selling and I hope you and others reject him. If you don’t, you are campaigning for Hillary Clinton.

  30. Corona – your comment was disgusting. If you can’t disagree without resorting to juvenile and vulgar personal attacks, why would anyone respect anything you have to say? I posted an insult earlier this evening that I regret and apologize for, but I wasn’t making vulgar comments about someone’s mother. Grow up.

    Fur – I just think there a a LOT of frustration out there. What I don’t understand is why you’re pounding everyone to vote for Trump when we’re still in the primary season. If/when he gets the nomination, then go back to pounding, but until then why can’t people vote for the candidate of their choice? Gad, this Trump cheerleading is what causes people to go off the deep end.

  31. And one other thing. If anyone here believes that the Rubio campaign’s efforts to spend and smear Donald Trump into oblivion will in some way ultimately benefit Ted Cruz to the point of a swift and miraculous recovery, they are fantastically deluded. The established GOP/RNC and their media surrogates will never allow Ted Cruz to ever come close to winning the nomination, let alone the General Election. What they are doing to Donald Trump will pale compared to what they would do to Cruz and Cruz has neither the skill nor the support to stop it.

    If Trump is eliminated from this race, Rubio will either have the nomination or willingly step aside at a contended convention to allow the GOPe/RNC to insert Jeb! and we can howl all we want, but it would have been effectuated via the legal and binding rules of the convention.

  32. Riverlife,
    I just thumbed you up, but I feel as if I need to clarify something.
    I never campaigned hard for Trump , I never dissuaded anyone from voting for their favored candidate. What this was about tonight was not electioneering for Trump.

    This was all about my response to the #NeverTrump movement, which doesn’t necessitate me being for Trump in order to condemn it.

    I wrote a post to clarify this.

    I also responded to Corona.

  33. No difference between hillary and trump politically and morally. I am proud to be the ass for never ever voting for trump.

  34. QUOTE – Moetom
    March 2, 2016 at 1:19 am
    Trump has put more people to work in good paying, non-government jobs, than the entire fucking Clinton cabal ever did or ever will. A vote for that evil bitch over Trump is un American.
    There, I said it! -QUOTE

    And I am sure all the illegals appreciate those jobs.

  35. Alinsky is getting his way. “Target and polarize the enemy”. It’s working for Hillary in spades.

  36. The answer to who is supporting the #nevertrump movement
    1.) NBC
    2.) ABC
    3.) CBS
    4.) Megyn Kelly
    Did I miss anyone?

  37. Yes, Ricky:

    Turnabout is fair play……and this asshole, Dan Joseph plus the others in the 7 or so posts at the top of this thead 😉


    It’s 2012.
    There’s a #NeverRomney thang goin’ on.
    Support it?
    TELL me how it doesn’t make it easier
    for Obama to win.

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