Let’s Do Lunch

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1 – 3 Courtesy of pixabay.com
4 & 5 Doug (Homer)
6 & 7 Courtesy of pixabay.com
8 Sturge
9 – 11 Courtesy of pixabay.com
12 Eugenia
13 – 16 Courtesy of pixabay.com

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Critters with hats on (especially party hats)
Mom and Dad with babies
Critters hiding or playing peek-a-boo
Critters and military or patriotic


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  1. RE: #8
    That’s not a zoom lens; I held the camera about 3″ away from her. It was 2007 when I moved in here. As I was unpacking, I discovered a can of old cashews that should have been tossed had made the trip. I was too busy and too tired to worry about them, so they sat around for the night.

    Then next morning, while guzzling coffee and assessing how to attack what still needed to be done, I looked out the window (past the cashew can) to watch the sun rise. A squirrel was in the yard rummaging through last fall’s leaves. When to rid myself of the cashews had been determined.

    Fast-forward a year and Momma (as she was a prolific critter for 7 years) would meet me at the driveway every day after work. She’d hop out of the tree onto my shoulder and stay there while I went inside, dropped off my keys, got a handful of peanuts, and went back out on the deck. By now, I could pet her and handle her.

    On the occasional Saturday when I wasn’t up a dawn and waiting for her, well, she’d figured out how to use the pet door. She’d confidently hop down the hall, passing my heeler and 3 cats along the way, jump into the bed and flick her tail in my face. It was breakfast time, dangit!

  2. #4 & #5 is of my dear and good friend Homer.
    That wonderful dog (being a lab) would let you do anything to him, just because it pleases you!
    Such a saint, and dearly missed.
    He passed away in my arms August 12, 2015.

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