Let’s Get Busy with a Pro-life Vaccine for COVID-19

American Thinker:

The use of aborted fetuses for the development of vaccines is ethically objectionable.  For this reason, alternatives must be made available. This would enable people to keep from violating their consciences by resorting to a vaccine that utilizes aborted fetal tissue.

“What I find fascinating is that you all work with a retina taken from an aborted fetus.” Thus did Rick Nieman, presenter of the television program WNL op Zondag [in the Netherlands], begin his conversation about corona vaccines with Hanneke Schuitemaker, professor of virology and head of vaccine research at Janssen Pharmaceutica, a pharmaceutical company located in Leyden.  This statement revealed what normally remains hidden in the test tubes and petri dishes of the laboratory: the fact that a retina from an aborted child provided a unique cell line, PER.C6, each cell of which is a unique factory in which to test a vaccine.

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4 Comments on Let’s Get Busy with a Pro-life Vaccine for COVID-19

  1. You won’t be given any choice in the matter.

    It would defeat the real purpose of the entire “social distancing” and lockdown thing if you were.

  2. We do not vaccinate in our household because the fetal cells are and have been used in some of vaccines on the standard list for children.

    My children are teenagers now. But I was told by a certain children’s hospital in SW Pennsylvania that were they new patients to the practice, they would not be accepted at the hospital without these vaccines.
    Also, a certain express medical outfit will not see my non vaccinated children.

    Pro-lifers already have few choices.

    One would think the vegans would be up in arms about this!


  3. Yeah. I’m not fond of being injected with mouse or cat or monkey cells either and their viral detritus. So…


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